As an Aussie should I try to embrace AFL ?

I am a true Blue Aussie, who grew up in Sydney playing Rugby League/Union, which has always been our game here ! The Swans have a huge following due to being "Sydney" and winning, but the shine seems to be lacking right now ! I can understand the atmoshere must be amazing live, but apart from the first and final ten minutes of a Swans v West Coast game I just can't bring myself to sit through it ! I find it frustrating like soccer and fumbling with an odd shaped ball, with no true tackles or defence. Ok high marks are pretty cool, but its a very different mentality to a regimental tough forward pack or free flowing incisive backline movements in League and Union. But I feel I should try to understand it ! What should I do ?


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You like, what you like... I have tried several times to watch it, Can't stand it! Give me NRL any day.

Peyton Manning?

im an aussie, i cant watch it either, i find it boring

dont torture yourself

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Fair call, very hard to follow all codes of footy with the same level of passion... as you live in Sydney you are drawn into AFL as it's the only state team we have right now - you must follow the Swannies - even if you don't get the rules :)

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only if the people that you love and are around all the time embrace it as well... if not, just acknowledge it...

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Rugby league is far more exciting to watch. Forget the aerial ping-pong.

Who do you think will win out of the grandfinal EAGLES, or swans?

maybe because you were watching the swans play
move to melbourne and watch real afl you will love it

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I can understand your misery of not feeling like a true Aussie,being brought up on rugby and soccer and having to have grown up in Sydney. However AFL WAS, at one time the greatest game in the world . Evidence of this can be seen on tapes like "the sensational seventies and the electrifyimg eighties", from footy played, when the AFL was then known as the VFL. The game is passionately followed in the Northern Territory, WA. SA, Vic and Tasmania, but unfortunately now, constant rule changes have, and are ruining the game. Defenders are now not allowed to way of touching a forwards back or arms, but anywhere else on the ground its allowed, so work that out ! It is just not ajudicated or paid, as we say on other parts of the ground, as frequently as it is against defenders, and thats just, interpreative nonsense . AFL is definetely not a girls game and will always be superior to rugby, because another of our RULES, is to not field teams with HOOKERS!! The ONLY good thing now, about AFL , is that it still holds a real "similarity" to the great era of 60's 70's and 80's, and while the game it has grown, its become , even more unique to Australia, ...Its now just, ...Aussie " CONFUSED" Rules, ...and NO foreigner will EVER figure it out !!, dont punish ya self ! Check the web for cheap airfares, on Jetstar or Virgin to Escape SYDNEY.

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Id have to say if your watching the swans all the time then no wonder,they play a very frustrating type of game and basically smother their opponents into submission,compare a swans game to say Carlton-essendon or any other two sides playing free flowing footy and you'll see the difference,i watched the melb v sydney game a couple of weeks ago and would have to say it was one of the most boring games Ive watched for a long time.

i felt the same way about NRL but have i really tried to get behind the storm since they started down here and now i do enjoy the rugby but its still nowhere near as good as being at the MCG with 80,000+ watching Carlton collingwood go at it.

i do think we are lucky Melbourne storm play an exciting brand of rugby which helps us southerners get into it a bit more-maybe the swanies need to do the same?

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Yes....Cuz if it makes you happy, go-4-Hit!

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I'm from victoria and I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with northern water because rugby of both codes just suck. There seem to be no highlights. Sydney dont actually display the best type of football. In fact they are kinda boring. AFL is the best!!

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