Did anyone see the Hawks vs. Saints game tonight. What the * was that?

It was the most boring display ever. Both coaches should be sacked for ruining the game of football. I'd rather watch soccer. SOOCER FOR GODSAKES!!


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I know.. How boring.. and I actually paid money to go and see it! I am of course a die-hard Saints supporter but for christ-sake if you could see what was happening off camera! As soon as one team turned the possesion over is was like a big wave of players crowd the forward 50 and vice versa. Yeah I guess the coaches were trying to play tactically but by gee why don't they try it out in U-11's or something first! Yeah I will admit Saints are undermanned and needed help in their backline but that is no reason to have 40+ people in one 50 at once. Maybe if it was Semi-Final and they were playing for a spot in the Grand Final then it might be ok but in an ordinary match tactics like those are simply outrageous! Coaches should be fined for putting on an utterly disgusting night of footy. I left at 3/4 time when of course all the goals were kicked in the last quarter but far out it sucked!

Lets hope to see nothing like that again!

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It just goes to show and highlight the incompetence of those who continually tinker with the rules . The AFL heavily fined players for "exciting" the crowd with a melee last week, but allow that crap tonight, be exposed nationally on TV. You pretty much have to conclude the greatest game in the world is now longer, and those who administer the game are RESPONSIBLE!!

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i agree the game is awful at the moment and its just not the same with the mighty blues a crap team also

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That was the worse game of footy I've ever watched but at least Hawthorn won :)

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talk about 2 extremes on one hand you had that boring slit your wrist type of game between the hawks and st kilda which gives footy a bad name and on the other hand you had the Carlton v nth melb game up on the gold coast where 40 goals were kicked and a real free flowing attack attack style was played by both sides-HOW FOOTBALL SHOULD BE PLAYED.this game is the blue print of what fans would love to see every week by all sides.

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I know. I neally fell asleep.

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