Any Saint George Illawarra Dragons fans??

NRL, St. George Footy team.


Who here supports ESSEDDON?

Nope - Knights fan here. Sorry about last week but like the post above me mentions - at least u guys didn't get the spoon last year :( You're gonna smash Manly this week!!

AFL grand final - Saturday, 30th September?

Yes, but this is not the place to chat about whether you are a fan. Ask legitimate questions, not chatty rubbish.

What team were u most impressed with in the NRL this weekend?

Why would there be? After the flogging they received from the mighty Knights on the weekend they are all in hiding. So should you be. Bye Bye.

Who else thinks that the rule changes made this year are a disgrace and an insult to supporters?

Yes we are out there I'm one my two brothers-in-laws my best mate, a customer at my wifes work, my son and the Qld division of the Saints supporters club!We won't inherit the wooden spoon from Newcastle just yet.

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