Can West Tigers win the NRL again in 2006? Especially if Benji Marshall is out most of the season?


Can someone tell me where the harrington sports complex on lady fairfax drive harrington park?

Sadly no.

Who is Joey Deakin?

A team is a team.not just one player, so they still have a good chance.

The first muslim to play AFL?

Sorry mate. The tigers are gonesky. They don't rate a chance this year even with Benji. Go Newcastle. Go Johnsie.

How good of a player do you think ben graham is?

I guess miracles could happen. But their form as a team hasn't been of the class that it was last year. I think that their are a few teams showing better form (aka Newcastle and the Cowboys). But the season has a long way to go and anyone (well maybe not Souths), could win.

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