Do you think NZ is overdoing the Haka at the Com'th Games and should it only be used by the All Blacks?


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There was on online article about just this!

I think it is just journalists trying to make up fluff.

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How much are they using it? Your question doesn't really give much information, mate.

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Nah, it's allways better to see the haka than no haka,
saw it at hockey, a nice spectacle

Is anyone here a Hawks supporter?

I think it is a good spectacle but not sure it belongs on the swimming pool events when no Moaris are competing. A Haka from a bunch of white guys in speedos just doesn't seem right.

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Traditionally it is the All Blacks war cry for rugby, but it is a Maori cultural expression, so can be used by any sport.
However, the more you do it, the less impact it could have.

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