Anyone Else Think Wes Welker Is Overrated?

I'm soooo sick of people acting like Wes Welker is such a HUGE pick up for the Pats, He's a Special Teams guy for Christs sake. I think Jackson is a better third reciever seriously convince me why Welker is so Almighty.


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He's second in the entire NFL in total yards the past three seasons, trailing only Tiki Barber.

He led the Dolphins in receiving yards last season, despite being the teams #3 receiver.

He put up almost 200 yards on Belichick in the first Dolphins/Pats meeting last season.

He goes all out on every play, and he is a smart player.

Jackson? He caught a grand total of 13 passes last season, then tore his knee up in the AFC Championship game. I'd bet he goes on IR this season, as NE has too many receivers.

Moss, Stallworth, Washington, Welker, Jackson, Caldwell, Gaffney- you only carry 4 to 5 receivers on your team, not 7.

not to mention, Troy Brown still wants back in.

Green Bay fans only: Is it me or does Ted Thompson not know what the hell hes doing?

Wes Welker is a very veristaile player, which is right up Belichick's alley. He can play special teams, run the slant, kick field goals and probably could help out on defense. Basically, he's the "Troy Brown" of the future.

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awwww I 100% agree with you on this one. Wes Welker reminds me of a Young Tim Dwight...sure he has great speed and is very versatile but he's still not worth what they paid for him. Mos Def Over-Rated.They paid more for him than they did Moss.

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Wes Welker is probably going to be one of the greatest players in the NFL if he can keep going in the direction he's going in. He was with Texas Tech couple of years ago, and one of the best recievers in the country, yes he was on a great pass team, unfortunately though, defenses were ready for the pass.

Wes is a good return player, and it's because of hius small size, no one can see him, and he has great speed to go along with it. If you can't grab a c\hold of someone you can't see then you're good. He'll be a really good receiver, and I wish Miami didn't let him go, because he is better than Ted.

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Yes he is overrated. He led the wide receiver challenged Miami Dolphins in receptions last year and everyone went nuts. He's a special teams player who is virtually a 3rd or 4th receiver. The Patriots overpaid to get him, but knowing Bill Bangachik, he'll probably have Welker playing linebacker or something But he's not nearly as great as he's being made out to be.

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lol who thought Welker was a HUGE pickup?

last time i checked he was a returner who got the chance to catch passes because he played for the Dolphins

Jackson is better..but hes had a bunch of injuries...

his latest is a blown out knee and i dont think hell be ready to play

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belicheck wouldnt sign him if he was no good.

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Wes is a good guy on a personal level (I used to hang with him down in Florida), but is nothing more then a special teams guy to be honest

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No one said it was a huge pickup, just a great piece of the pie for the offense. Lets give him a chance and see how he does in a real offense. He might surprise you. Brady loves doing the short passes over the middle and with Welker's speed this could be very productive, just like Branch used to be.

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I think he is overrated but he will be playing with Tom Brady. Tom will throw a lot of balls to him so he better catch them.

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Its was a nice little pickup, wes is basically the pats version of the colts Brandon stokley or 1st round pick anthony gonzales, guy who can play the slot, plus with the impact Devin hester had last year on special teams, every team is placing a high importance on a very good punt/kick returner who can be a game breaker. I dont think its was a huge pickup, but a nice little pickup. The bigger pickups were donte stallworth and Randy moss.

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No one is saying he's the #1 guy...That is clearly going to be Randy Moss or Dante Stallworth

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