1999 Cleveland Browns draft?

Question:this has to be the worst draft ever for one team.
They picked Couch over 16 players who would later make the pro bowl, and in the 2nd round they could of still had mike peterson,mike rucker, dre bly, even shaun king did better than couch, peerless price, and joey porter(3rd rounder) anybody agree worst draft ever by one team


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Worst for the Browns possibly but the Saints trading away all their picks to get Ricky Williams was the worst draft day ever.

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It's gotta be up there. I didn't even realize it was that bad til you pointed it out. By the way, I'm a Bronco fan...Thanks for most of our D-Line.

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yeah that year sucked for cleveland

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the browns still would suck if they drafted these players

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That's why they're the Brownies. If they pick Brady Quinn tomorrow, it will be another set back for them. Quinn shouldn't be selected at least until the 3rd round, not the 3rd pick, but because he's a Charlie Weis product, he's been talked up big time. Peterson would be the better pick, but remember, they're the Brownies.

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