Anyone else here a Buffalo Bills fan?

I am and have been for a long time. Do you think that they will at least make the playoffs this year? Oh and Thurman Thomas is getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. I wish Andre Reed would of too. I'm sure he will one day. Actually come to think of it I bet a lot of those Bills during the era will make the hall of fame.


Who wore #66 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1990's?

I've been a proud Buffalo Bills (and Sabres) fan my entire life. Like any Buffalo sports fan, I've enjoyed the highs and suffered the lows but I never turn my back on my teams. It's in the blood. True fans stand by their team and cheer them on through thick and thin.

Which brings me to your follow-up question. I'm afraid a playoff appearance is unlikely for our Bills this season. We lost a lot of veteran talent (Clements, Fletcher, Spikes, McGahee) and have added capable rookie talent (Lynch, Posluszny) who can start right away. But the fact is we've slipped a bit when you take a look around the AFC, especially in our own division. Give it another draft and I think we can earn a playoff spot, but not this year.

It's awesome to see Thurman getting his well-earned Hall of Fame induction. Andre Reed should be going in with him and will hopefully join him soon. Look for Bruce Smith to get in there too. Not sure how many more from those glorious early '90s Bills teams will make it in. Stay tuned and...

Go Bills!

Dallas Cowboys Stadium?

Nope, Vikings seems we have a lot in common finished 2nd in a few super bowls.

Defensive Line or Tight End?

I started being a billsfan when I was about 9. Kind of a let down from the glorious Super Bowl years these day, btu we are on the right track, I think we had a great draft this year. I can't wait for Thurman to be in the HOF, he definitely deserves it.

Come over here please and answer this!(now!)?

Naw. Pats will take the division. Look at their roster.

Who wore the number 85 for the chicago bears in the mid 80's?

Yeah, the Battling Bills.

Why did the razorback football win 5 in a row and then no more?

I was pissed when I heard Irvin was getting inducted before Andre. That coke-head is worth less than Andre's jock...which also possesses many times his class and talent.

And, yeah, I'm psyched about this year. For the first time since Jim Kelly, I really feel like Losman is going to be the guy and going to be the guy for a long time. And he's throwing to Lee Evans and has a veritable steel curtain between him and opposing defenses. Hah...New England better watch out and not let that piece of paper with their roster on it go to their heads...

Who are some of the best Defensive Tackles in the NFL ??

no, they wont make the playoffs. patriots will win division jets will finish second.

Who will the Pittsburgh Steelers take in the first round of the NFL Draft??

bills bills bills work work work cant be they suck suck suck suck suck. oh yeah did I say they nvermind

Favorite Football Teams?

no, who are they?

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