49ers drafting a tackle?

Doesnt make sence for the niners to take a Offensive tackle early to replace Kwame Harris, maybe trade up for thomas or get blaylock


If you were the Eagles who would you take?

I don't see them going OT. DT like Branch or Okoye (sp) to be that big run stuffer in that semi new 3-4 D.

Do you think Shaq could play Tightend?

who cares! GO RAIDERS! and don't you mean the soon be SANTA CLARA FORTY NINERS!

Who do you think the pats will take with their 2 first round picks?

noooooo. our OLine really isnt that bad, it aint the best but its not horrible. everyone keeps saying it is, but its not. if it were that bad, gore wouldnt be the best RB in the NFC. all he had to do was run behind allen and jennings. kwame does suck, but thats why we have heitmann and baas if you even know who they are. they are good linemen. no way in hell do we trade up for thomas or blalock. do you know how much it would take to move up into the top 5? nearly our entire draft. that would be stupid. the only player i would trade up for is calvin johnson and even then i dont think he is worth our entire draft.
the 9ers will likely go defense. either carriker, okoye, branch, willis. or if any of the projected top 10 players slip we will take a look at them. by them i mean: gaines adams, jamal anderson, laron landry.

I need a patriots quote..?

No, not too early, probably not even the first day, maybe in the 4th or 5th.

We have good linemen. But next year I expect us to draft O-line early.
LA might retire, Smiley probably won't be back, and I doubt Nolan will be able to put up with Kwame too much longer. But the only reason Kwame is still starting is because JJ gets hurt so much, which means we need Snyder to be ready to fill in if he gets injured, otherwise Snyder would be our starting RT.

Why doesn't Ricky Williams move to Amsterdam where he can be happy for the rest of his life?

The 49ers need the most help in the secondary where they were inconsistent all last season. They will more than likely draft one of two CBs available with the 11th pick. Speedy (4.39, 40) Leon Hall of Michigan is the man they will choose if he is still available. If Hall is gone, San Francisco will pick super talented Aaron Ross of Texas. Either one of these guys will strengthen a weak area of the team. OT is loaded with pretty good talent and there will be several available later in the draft. Marshall Yanda of Iowa should be still there in the second or third round and he'll be a good one. Others could include Man-Mountain (6'8, 309 lbs.) James Marten of Boston College and speedy run blocker Tony Ugoh of Arkansas. Go '9ers!

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