Any Possible Scenario of Falcons trading Vick?

I am probably the biggest fan of Michael Vick's on field skills out there. Everybody in Atlanta seems to want to get rid of Vick. Can anybody actually think of a scenario where someone would take his monster contract out of Atlanta?


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all i've heard is that if vick doesnt have a productive year then petrino will get rid of him

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No. If they were thinking about it they wouldn't have traded Schaub a while back.

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No the cap hits would make it almost impossible. Also, they traded Schaub telling you what direction they were going in the QB position.

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I would trade him , talent for talent,...I guess the Falcons would end up with a water boy!,..Go Saints!

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With a cap hit of over $20 million dollars, and no other QB on the roster? Joey Harrington? Like I said, no other QB on the roster

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Believe me they dont want Joey Harrington or DJ Shockley as their starting QB. If they were going to trade him they would have kept Schaub. Honestly Vick does what the Falcons want him to do - which is not to win the Superbowl but SELL TICKETS.

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if the colts trade for matt millen tonight I could see them dealing manning for vick straight up tomorrow.

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well if he keeps his stuff up he will be rotting in jail then the falcon fans the true ones will be happy he is gone. hes is a crap a s s qb that will never amount to anything but causing problems he needs to be taken out somewhere and beaten. far getting rid of shaub was stupid. now we have to go find a good qb to run this team. but they wont get rid of him unless he sits in jail.

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Its not that no one would take his contract , its that his bonus is a cap killer. If they cut or traded Vick they would have to cut other players just to get under the cap, even with Vick's salary gone. He isnt worth the money they pay him but is he really worth sending the team into cap chaos.

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Vick is the league's worst passer over the last 3 years. His only saving grace is he can run. At least Kordell could throw sometimes, but his innacuarcy washed him out and he was better than Vick. The only people who should be interested in Vick are teams with undersized but fast O-lineman and an undersized but fast halfback. AKA Hotlanta. I would use him on X-box, but not in the league. The Falcons need to dump him, but I doubt that they will find any takers.

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What sort of trade value would he have? His passing has not improved, which means he runs more and the offense becomes predictable. Perhaps you should have this discussion with Matt Millen, hes desperate.

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