After Calvin Johnson, how do you rank the next 4 best WR's in the draft?

Question:2) Meachem
3) Bowe
4) Gonzalez
5) Rice



Fellow Notre Dame fans, who is going to be the starting QB at the start of the season?...Clausen?...Jones?


Top 10 Best RBs in da NFL?

no ginn jarret meachem then bowe

Who would be best on the 49Er's?

What about Ted Ginn Jr. ?
He is #2

Hey Houston fans, what do you think of Mike Sherman?

I agree with yours, except instead of rice I would put either Ted Ginn or Dwayne Jarrett. I dont think they will be bust, but they will both be slot or 3rd receiver on depth charts at best

Who do you think will be the most improved NFL team?

2. Ginn Jr, Ohio State
3. Jarrett, USC
4. Meachem, Tennessee
5. Bowe, LSU
6. Smith, USC
7. Rice, South Carolina
8. Gonzalez, Ohio State

Moss deal getting finalized for the Packers?


What do you think the Ravens should do with their first round pick?

2. Ginn Jr.
3. Bowe
4. Jarrett
5. Clowney

Why doesn't Green Bay go after...?

2) Bowe 3) Meachum 4) Ginn 5) Craig Davis

Wht college did joe willie namath attend?

2) Ted Ginn
3. Meachem
4. Jarrett
5. Bowe

What position do the Colts need to fill in this years draft?

i agree with your selection and views perfectly.

ted ginn wants to be more of a cb then a wr. on top of that he does drop a lot of passes. he'll probably sit at a slot wr at best and a kr.
dwayne jarrett i believe will be the next mike williams. just a hunch.

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