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what are exercises that you can do with your bodyweight and barbells, dumbells, and outside to get ready for a offensive tackle for football


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First of all, are you really trying to play a whole season of football, or is this like a powder puff type deal. If you are serious about playing football you want to put yourself in the best shape possible. First off RUN! RUN,RUN,RUN. Stamina is a crucial element, as well as speed and agility. As far as a workout routine goes, generally people think to do bench press and curls to make their arms and chest look big. Same with the legs, people do leg presses, and calf raises to make their legs look big. This is all fine and well if they have a strong core as well. The core being the middle of your body, abs, back, ect. Your arms and legs can be as big as you want them to be but they will not help you in the game of football unless you have a strong core to transfer the power that you have in your legs up to your shoulders. So make sure that you work out every part of the body, esp the core, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups are all wonderfull. Good Luck

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Squat while doing curls with donuts, take a bit at the top of the curl, and back down completes one rep.

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if you want to gain body wieght eat late at nite, if you want to lose it do situps!
best way to bulk up on weights is to use free weights, why ?
you get balance when you lift with them,i would suggest bench,squats, clean and jerk, and some leg exercises,
might even consider leg weights when running!
practice 40 yard dash it will improve you start off the line!

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The best thing you can do as a tackle for upper body is bench pressing. For lower body is squat pressing. You ought to be able to bench your weight and them some.

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squats, reverse sit - ups.
strong legs and lower back a must.
lots of upper body strength
bench, butterfly, push-ups

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just go to the gym and workout unless you have the proper equipment at home. Consult a personal trainer. You want to do exercises that aid in giving you that explosion. Plyometrics will do that. Leg presses, bench presses are helpful.

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