2007 NFL DRAFT - St. Louis Rams?

Who will their first and second round selections be and why?


What was the greatest number of yards needed on one play to make a first down?

1st round= DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska
2nd Round= LB Tim Crowder, Texas

Who do u think is the most overated player in the nfl.?

patrick willis and eric weddle y because thye can

Who will be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft?

Alan Branch (U of Michigan) and Josh Wilson (U of Maryland). Their run defense sucked last year and Branch is a beast inside. They could use some secondary help, and Wilson is good 2nd round value.

Who was more guilty of his crime: Ray Lewis or O.J. Simpson?

i say a lb in 1st round db in 2nd

How do you keep a soccer ball balanced on your head??

who cares they are the stl rams they suck

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