2008 National Champs of College Football?

Question:This looks like it's going to be a good year, but i am a Michigan fan and our offense is LOADED, i am looking for a perfect seasons and 2008 Nat. Champs!



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i am a michigan fan too, we've lost a little on defense, but look at the offense.
chad henne, mike hart, mario manningham, jake long, this a STACKED team.


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Personally, I think that USC, Michigan, or Florida with Tim Tebow will win it, any of those teams have a major chance.

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yeah but your defense is just good not great! i look for michigan to end up top 10 .. maybe 6th,, look for USC,, they are the team that most players want to be on.. i think USC might lose 2 games in next 2 years..they are favored to win it all at future books in LV,, goodluck , Michigan is always up there

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Beware of The Sooners... Wolverines are weak women.

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Michigan, usc or sooners

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How about Wichita State?.....Ha ha, USC all the way.

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Michigan and USC will have a rematch in the NC, just a guess.

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Michigan will definately be a top 10 team next year. They will probably go 10-0 through the first 10 games. Unfortunately they will face an unbelievably difficult challenge in their 11th and 12th games when they travel to Wisconson and then play Ohio State at home.
The Badgers are also going to be a top 10 team next year and are close to invincible at home. This, along with the fact that Michigan will be looking ahead to their game with Ohio State, will give Michigan loss #1 in Madison, ruining their chances for a BCS championship.
Also, beware of Oregon and Notre Dame in games 2 and 3.

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USC will win it all this year.

Michigan has a good offense, but an average defense. USC has a good offense and a scary good defense.

Michigans biggest two problems??!!
1) QB, sorry, Henne is good, but he kinda wilts in the big games. Look what happened in the Rose Bowl.

2) Carr. This guy is a good coach. I don't know what happens to him in the big games. When exactly was it that he won his last "Big game". USC Rose Bowl? Nope on two accounts. Ohio State? No not there either. I actually think it is kinda sad, he way get fired after another 9 or 10 win season.

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the best team by far is usc, they are loaded on BOTH sides of the ball with 9 starters back both ways, and they already crushed michigan in the rose bowl last year...i actually think these two will meet again and that usc will do to them what they did last year

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This is the Wolverines year.The offense is arguably the best in the country loaded with 4 All Americans in Henne, Hart, Manningham, and Jake Long. The defense will be a little inexperienced but Ron English will whip the D into shape. Forget about Wisconsin, they are overrated as hell...invincible at home??The Badgers sched last years was full of non-con lightweights. The Badgers don't even know who will be their QB yet. This is the year of the Maize and Blue.HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

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well they certainly have a good chance at it, but at this time, all fingers are pointing to USC to win it all.

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My first pick: Texas/Arkansas(Florida) vs USC/Michigan

This'll be a good year in football and one of these teams can do good.

Texas: They always recruit well, and with Mack Brown, he'll keep the offense going, and get the newer defense to actually defend a pass. Look for a better defense, it won't be the best, but it'll be better. With their offense, look out, they can be the best in the NCAA. They have so many weapons on their team. Colt McCoy, Limas Sweed, Jamaal Charles, and Antwaun Hobbs are just some of the offense. They can run, and pass, which is why they'll be deadly

Arkansas: They have a killer defense and they will built off of last year and improve on their offense and actually make some points in a game, I'm not to sure about these guys, but I'm sure they can do it, if these guys don't do it, it could very well be Florida taking their place.

USC: Everyone knows that USC is going to be good, they have a powerful offense, and deathly defense, and maybe even more powerful than Texas, unfortunately. You got to look at the facts. Texas is my most favorite team, but USC is deadly with their defense, and barely anyone can stop their offense, and if Texas' defense can't stop their O, or score against them, look out.

Michigan: The most powerful O in the NCAA, they can definately win it all. They could've killed Ohio St. last year, but with a rivalry, you somehow always manage to find the weakness in another teams armor. Their O is so much more powerful, and with Hart as HB, he can very well win Heisman this year, and if their D keeps another team off the field, look for some really long games.

Cinderella team: There's always a Cinderella team, and my picks to go at least the top ten are: TCU and Hawaii. TCU has a pretty good defense, and decent O, if they can work on both of those this season, and they beat Texas, then we'll know that they are very good. Keep an eye on them, don't underestimate them, look at Boise St. for example. Hawaii has a good QB and receivers to go with it, and the always have a good Offensive line, so they don't give up many sacks, look for a good year. I'm not so confident in their D, but if that shapes up, again, keep an eye on them.

My final pick: Texas vs. USC. It won't be like the 2005 Rose Bowl, but it'll still be good. If these two teams do as well as they are supposed too, they'll be in the NC.

As I always say in the sports world, this is only a guess, and I'm only a viewer, but after watching these two teams for a while, you know they can make it again.

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Virginia Tech Hokies!!

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Michigan won't even win their conference. Wisconsin will.

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I can tell you for sure it's not going to be Michigan because Lloyd Carr is going to choke against the sweater vest again!

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