2 My Raider Nation, NFL Draft 2007, what is yall's opinions?

Question:As being part of the Raiders, we hold the #1pick and I still think we need to Draft QB Brady Quinn.

2nd Rd - I think we need to upgrade our TE position with Zach Miller of Arizona St.

2nd Rd - (From Randy Moss Trade) WR - Robert Meachem of Tennessee

3rd Rd - OT Ryan Harris, of Notre Dame

4th Rd - OT/G James Marten, of Boston College

5th Rd - FB Brandon Hancock, of USC

6th Rd - DT Derek Landri, of Notre Dame

7th Rd - WR Ryan Moore, of Miami


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That would help the raiders alot. I think that Jamarcus Russell is gonna be a bust. If you have Meachum and quinn that would be a dynamic duo

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doesn't matter Al Davis must go down and he must go down early... The Raiders suck and it is managment he must go and get some new blood in there he is killing the Raiders...

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change teams KC are a good option

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Brady Quinn..haha are you serious? Two words JaMarcus Russell. We need a quarterback not another pretty boy like Alex smith. On tha other hand if we don't get Russell we should get Calvin Johnson..if Moss goes. yea Raiders.

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First off, Raiders Suck and this years draft is not going to change that. They will be nothing till Al Davis is gone. If they want to take a step in the right direction they should take JaMarcus Russell since they need a QB. If they want the most talented player in the draft its Calvin Johnson. Dont feel bad, its a tough division and someone has to be last :(

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Big Al will more than likely go after Russell sorry just what i think. And honeslty Zack Miller and Robert Meacham will not be available in the second round. Miller is probably the 2nd best tight end in the draft and a few teams are looking for a younger player. Meacham had a great Combine which will make him a 20-27 overall pick.

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i think that #1 should be quinn but it will be russell.

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great picks! you should be named the new G.M FOR THE LOUSY RAIDERS! with your picks, maybe they can win more than 3 games a year!

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Everybody thinks it Russell, cause of his upside and If they keep moss they think he will be Culpepper. If Raiders keep Moss(unlikely) Russell will go, Calvin Johnson is a possibility but why stack WR when your QB is so unconsistent(Brooks,Walter)

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First off I want to say RAIDER NATION.
Now that that is out of the way I will discuss the draft.
As we know the Raiders have the first pick in the draft which is great, especially being a Brady Quinn fan. However, as much as I like Brady Quinn I do not agree that the Raiders need a new QB. They just drafted Walter and the only reason he didn't have uch a good season was because he didn't get much time in the pocket to throw the ball. So I say the Raiders trade the first pick in the draft for a player and the 3 or 4th pick in the draft. And with that pick they should choose Joe Thomas. He should definitely help that O-line protect better. (Let's just hope he isn't a bust like Gallery). In the next round I say they either Zach Miller or Troy Smith. I know I am contradicting myself by taking a QB in the second round but let me explain. Walter hasn't gotten a shot to throw and the only way he will is if we get a new O-line. Also though, if Walter is a bust after we give him a new O-line Smith tehn takes over.

Nextly, I do not agree that Moss should be traded. He is a great WR he just complains because the ball isn't thrown his way enough. I know that is not a legitimate way to go about team problems. But I think that if we do get a new O-line Walter will throw his way more and Moss will then in return stop complaining. However, if they choose to trade Moss( if they haven't already) I say we draft Meachem.

And if I read correctly the other day Justin Griffith signed with the Raiders. If this is true thenour team looks pretty good for next season.

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Do not make that mistake ya'll should draft russel instead of quinn because russel is mobile and he faced SEC D's all year round!

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1) Raider Nation is ghetto!!
2) The Raiders will draft J. Russell. ( a better pick anyway)
3) Miller is a good pick
4) Meachem will be gone by then, if you want him, get him earlier
5) R. Harris may be gone by then as well...if not, id say thats a good pick
6) Hancock is a beast!
7) you think moore is a 7th round pick?
8) did i mention Raider fans are ghetto??

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The above answerer is nearly correct on every point.

1) Raider Nation is ghetto!!
2) The Raiders will draft J. Russell. <~~While I think this is correct, I think that Quinn will end up doing better in the NFL. But the Faiders do need a QB to sacrifice to the NFL defenses.
3) Miller is a good pick (Fair assumption, but if he is that good, Davis will not pick him)
4) Meachem will be gone by then, if you want him, get him earlier (Absolutely correct.)
5) R. Harris may be gone by then as well...if not, id say thats a good pick
6) Hancock is a beast! (If they do pick him, he will probably not want to play there)
7) you think moore is a 7th round pick?
8) did i mention Raider fans are ghetto??

Having lived in So Cal most of my life, I can absolutely, 100% vouch for the FACT that the Faider Degradation is even more ghetto than Philly (at least the Eagles fans have SOME class)

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GO RAIDERS! I think they should draft jamarcus rusell.Then some ol guys since the ones they've got suck.Not just a bunch of notre dame guys.Who do you watch in colleage football wait let me guess notre dame?

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I think your first overall pick will be jamarcus russell. This kid has the strongest arm in the country. He is also strong enough to take a hit and still make a complete pass (did to my razorback too many times). Brady Quinn is a good qb, but in the long run russell will be the man.

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