"Cincinnati Bengals fans" what's the 411 on CB Tory James...Good or Bad?

It seems like the Saints see something in the Bengals defensive players...3 players signed so far


How come randy moss and darrel jackson are only worth a 4th round draft pick?!?

He was already an old player but the mileage wasn't there so he was able to contribute at an older age than expected for a corner. Before this last year he was great for us. Then he got old fast and it does not look to be an off year. He would/will? be a great nickle back though, making more than the bengals would like to pay for that though. He's a nice old man. To leave on a high note, he is (or was last year) the tallest corner in the league.

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Fantasy draft question-?

It is an age thing, the Bengals let Simmons and James go because they are gaining in age, that doesnt mean they arent good players but they cannot pay high salaries for aging players. Tory James is a great cornerback and still has some life in him. He would be a good counter to Mike McKenzie. Saints had a lot of cap room and must have liked the way these players have been playing.

Why Hasn't Troy Smith Been Drafted Yet?

saints and packers are his options
saints are the frontrunners because he can be a starter
he is negiotating with the packs from what i heard on packersnews.com

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A solid corner, but is slow. Dont get good jumps on balls throwen his way either since he has to play loose coverage. Dont get a good jam on the line either. Kevin and Brian are good players but Kevin is best as a reserve safty than a starter. Brian was a good pickup and will help the Saints alot.

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