A note to those who are in favor of a Division I Playoff. Thoughts?

I think creating a playoff would undermine the college football regular season. Right now, the season is so much more important because every game means SOMETHING. So, everyone schedule better, win all of your games, and you will be in the Nat. Championship. I feel so alone on this. Does ANYONE agree with me?


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I absolutely agree with you. There could be something done with the BCS to make it better, I'm not smart enough to know what that would be, but I'm sure it could be done. With 119 division 1 football programs it doesn't matter how things are set up - BCS or tournament, somebody's fans and supporters whose team didn't get in will whine every year saying the system is flawed and needs to be changed.

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I've got your back. I have taken so many arrows from a lot of people that just like to complain. They gripe as soon as the BCS standings come out in Week 7. Then they're happy when their team moves up in the top two. Then they whine when their team loses late in the year and falls to third. Then they think it would be so much better if they had a playoff.
The rivalry games at the end of the regular season are so much more meaningful now, than they would be with a 4, 8, or 16 (oh please, no) team playoff.

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Playoff would be an amazing idea!

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PLAYOFFS!! Auburn cheated out of a spot a coulple of years ago, cuz u cant tell me that OU did better then Auburn would of. Im not a Aurburn fan but that caught my eye. basketball, baseball and even hockey have playoffs why not football?

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i agree with you alot to just stick to the regular format. Im a huge Cornhusker fan and ya every game against mizzori and along with Texas and Oklahoma. Here are some reasons why we should not have playoffs.
1. seem pointless to wait probally waith until febuary or march for the Nat. Championship by then we be worried of our college basketball teams.
2. seniors may get more games to play but might get injured
3. just because Boise St. beat Oklahoma does not mean anything
4. system is fine how it is.
5. were would the games be played at. BCS stadiums or what.

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There is no reason the regular season would be undermined if a playoff is put in place. I would prefer to do away with BCS system entirely. Move towards a March Madness theme for Football. 32 teams in the NCAA tourney and 32 play in a 'NIT' tourney. They could utilize the bowl theme in the playoffs. Give the top teams first/second round games in their regional bowls so records during the regular season would still count. About the same amount of teams would keep playing and keep making money during the playoffs for their schools and conferences. The BCS is all about money, but I think this would allow smaller schools a better chance at the ring and some of the cash.

What we don't need are anymore worthless games at the beginning of the season because so many big teams schedule softies to bolster their record. Start game one in your conference to cut down on the number of games, so essentially the season would end at the same time. Every game would count. Schools like to complain about the number of games, but they play more and more every year. (because of the money)

Unfortunately it is all about the power house conferences. The smaller schools will never get a fair shake until their is a playoff.

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Until someone gives me an analysis why a playoff would be detrimental to Northwestern, Illinois and Northern Illinois but is not detrimental to Southern / Eastern / Western Illinois & Illinois State, the discussion is simply about money. IAA (sorry, Championship Division?) schools play for the trophy, why not the big boys? NIU made $600,000 to play in the Poinsetta Bowl, but spent almost $900,000! So it's not even about the money, just the prestige. Players missing class? Are the IA players that much more stupid than the IAA players? No, and with a little intelligence this could be scheduled over the winter break.

The BCS conferences clearly do not want to give up control. But realistically, unlike basketball no mid-major is likely to come out of nowhere in a tournament to become a sudden media darling. The MAC, C-USA and Sun Belt Champions are going to get WACed pretty badly by the BCS big boys. Maybe a WAC or Mountain West club will be competitive, but that's not likely to take them to a title. Boise State is good, but 3 or 4 straight BCS powerhouses will wear them out.

Structurally, a IA playoff would probably be a nightmare. 4 teams clearly is not enough; 8 is a tease. If you go to 16, the MAC and Sun Belt will want automatic bids for their champs, and the BCS schools will not approve of only 5 at large bids. But 32 schools would be horrible - 7-5 records would suddenly start becoming tourney eligible. And that is the problem with the bowl system.

So how about 24 teams being invited, with the top 8 (i.e. BCS conference champs +2) getting first round byes. Higher seed hosts the first three rounds. Neutral sites for semifinals and finals. (Heaven knows we don't want to be in Ann Arbor or Lincoln playing in early January. Brrrr.)

The regular season and traditional rivalries still matter in this structure, as winning your conference gets you a bye and probably two home playoff games. No. 5 Wisconsin doesn't get screwed because its the third team in its conference at 11-1. And maybe Navy does not get to sign it's bowl committment in April, hoping that it wins 6 games. And nobody is in danger of losing money, as the bottom of the barrel bowl games who can't sell out will no longer exist. Let's be realistic, who wants to go to Boise in late December to freeze and lose money?

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