Anyone agree Michael Irvin in HOF is a joke?

I find it amazzing this guy even got considered considering his track record


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Well by voting him into the HOF, it pretty much automatically secures Terrell Owens place in the Hall of Fame. Irvin should not be in the HOF. He was only voted to 5 Pro Bowls, is barely in the top ten in stats like touchdown catches and receiving yards. I mean the only reason he's really even in now is cause of the Super Bowls, and he wasnt even that great in those. Many of his physical receiving tactics are now offensive pass interference in today's NFL. I definitley dont think a guy with only those kind of numbers should be voted into the Hall in his 3rd year of eligibility.

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He's garbage, I hate that guy.

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You may not like this guy, but you shouldn't let that influence whether he should be in the HOF or not. His numbers should put him in the HOF, 11th in receptions all time and 12th in receiving yards all time should definitely put him in the HOF, hands down. Now, he has been involved in bad situations and made bad decisions. And you may not like his arrogance and cockiness...I'm not a big Irvin fan myself. But, based on his football, he deserves to be in...his football skills are no joke.

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I would love to agree as I am a Cowboy hater, but I find it hard to argue. While I disagree that a receiver with superbowl wins on his resume should get in before a better receiver without the superbowl wins, that seems to be a big factor in the voting. Nobody can deny that Mike contributed to the Cowboys mini-dynasty of the 90's, but was it all him? hell no! But in the minds of voters, any star from that cowboy era deserves to be in, just because they won. *

So while I can only laugh at the fact the Mike is in and Art Monk is not, precedent rules and precedent says Mike is in and Art is out- which I consider horse manure. But my opinion does not set precedent for voters. Mike was a star and will be remembered, so while I feel it is funny that he is in and Art Monk is not, I don't feel it is a joke. I am not laughing...

*This begs another question...Would John Elway have made it into the hall if he did not come up with two superbowl wins to end his carreer? The obvious answer would be that he certainly would have made it, but would he??

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ABSOLUTELY. How in the world did he get into the HOF while Art Monk still isn't in it?? Ridiculous.

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Ridiculous, obviously football doesn't have the same standards as baseball. I think its sad that he's still on ESPN, I despise Rush Limbaugh, but he got canned for being a racist, yet last year Irving made a comment about a "white boy" . He makes a mockery of the HOF.

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I can see how people question his HOF status with all the controversey that surrounded him and that he was more of a possesion receiver, but I do think he was a HOFer. I hated the Cowboys, being a Niners fan, but I remember him making a lot of big catches in big moments, and beating a lot of corners even though he wasn't neccessarily a burner. He did have a lot of talent around him so that does make it easier to do your thing, but he was a go to guy on a talent laden squad that earned 3 rings in 4 years.

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if irvin can get in, art monk should get in.

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I think it's great, and looks like the redskins fans are here saying ridiculous things? Art Monk, was not better than Irvin, get your facts straight, oh, let me do this for you.

Art -224 gms 940 rec 12721 yds 13.5 avg 68 TD
Ploff 15 gms 69 rec 1062 yds 4.6 avg 7 TD

Irvin 159 gms 750rec 11904yds 15.9 avg 65 TD
ploff 16 gms 87rec 1314yds 5.4 avg 8 TD

So see by the stats Irvin crushes Monk, Thank You!!
Did so in playing 4 seasons less than Monk also..
This is why he's in the Hall Of Fame!!! Get over it, and stop being little Bi**!!!

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He is just lucky that for some reason he was considered part of the big three with Aikman and Emmit Smith. Hell, with that running game Irvin had no choice but to catch a lot of balls... he was open because of the defense having to keep an extra player in the box to shadow Emmit Smith. True that injury did cost Micheal Irvin a few years, so he is lucky that there is no footage of him loosing his skills. Off the field he was a jerk and drug addict... so Irvin in the HOF will open the doors to a lot of people who should never even be up for consideration for enshrinement.

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I dont agree with him being there BEFORE Art Monk. Yes he should be in there but there are so many MORE deserving players who should be in there before him. That is the oly thng I would complain about

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I'm not a Cowboys fan or anything like that, but I have to disagree with all you haters out there! Irwin's career stats place him in the top 20 all time of receivers in terms of yards, catches, touchdowns and etc. Let's not forget he was fortunate enough to play with a dominating squad in the early to mid 90's, winning three Super Bowl rings! Granted, he was an off the field moron, but he was all business on the field and had the stats to back it up.

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I do agree with your take about the Irving selection...

it is a shame that...

redemption is easy...(unless you sexually harass someone at ESPN like Harold Reynolds)...if you have the right agent
working for matters little whether you did drugs..violated like a blithering idiot..or pushed off on every play.

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Why did Jim Mora Sr. get fired from his radio job for correctly calling Ron Mexico a coach killer while Irvin and his rap sheet longer than a Best Buy receipt got to hang on at ESPN long after his "friend's" crack pipe was in his car and he made a disparaging comment or two about white boys? Perhaps racism really is a one way street?

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