"Miami Dolphins Fans" was Olindo Mare a bad kicker?

I'm a Saints fan and I'm curious to know why would the Dolphins let Olindo go if he was any good...Can you explain?


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no, he has a good leg
should be great there in the dome

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no,mabye horrible though

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he is good

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He is a good kicker but has really fallen off the past few years, since 2002 really. That was the year that he got his big contract and lost his kicking coach. A lot of Dolphin fans will over exaggerate on how bad he was the past few years, but even some of that is misperception. Last year he had a down year and missed ten kicks, but five of those were for over 50 yards. Three of the five remaining misses were for over 40 yards. On one side he missed kicks but on the other side they were longer kicks. Another downside is that a lot of other kickers who make much less seem to make those kicks with more consistency.

Mare got paid big bucks then began to slip in consistency and that is not a good combination. Plus he had a couple bad games versus the Patriots which didn't help things for him with fans. For some reason he couldn't kick on the infield dirt during baseball season. The overall lack of clutch kicks in recent years didn't help balance the bad with the good.

He is great at kickoffs though. One of the best, if not the best, in the league on touchbacks. Many fans might dismiss this but it is important for field position.

I look for Mare to bounce back again like he did in 2005. He'll be playing on a team with a better offense and inside a dome, both will help his numbers. In my opinion the Saints made a great move picking up Mare and the change in scenery should help him as well.

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he wasn't that good and they were able to get someone better in Jay Feely.

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You think Jay Feely is good? I'm a Falcons fan and Feely blows. That is why the Giants let him go. I guess you missed that game in 2005 where Feely missed like 3 game winning attemps in 1 game against the Seahawks?

Also he chokes under pressure. He has won 1 game at the end on a field goal that 1 i can remember but I can remember plenty more games that he lost.

He is only 6 of 16 in his career on field goals over 50 yards and only 36 of 53 over 40 yards.

But of course he is coming off his best season where he only missed 4 field goals but that was with only 1 attempt over 50 yards. So he could be on the upswing.

Also Olindo Mare back into the 90s and early 2000s was one of the best if not the best kicker in the NFL but lately hasn't been as consistent. He tends to run hot and cold. Like he tends to miss alot of kicks in a row. But if he is on than he is awesome. I wanted the Falcons to get him instead of someone who needs a walker to get on the field.

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O-Mare as i call him wasn't a bad kicker but since the phins got K/Jay Feely/Former NY Giant Kicker/ they don't need him yes I am a "Phin Freak" in case you were wonderin. But plus jay feely has played for id say about 18 to 19 years now so he will be a good mentor and motivator not just for their
/P/Donnie Jones/ but the Miami Dolphins roster. and that is my answer.

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His kick-offs were getting short. Old age awaits us all.

No he was actually pretty good. Some NFC team will take him.

He missed some "easy" kicks versus the Patriots at key times, but unless the kicker is Vinateiri, every kicker has those. (Besides, there are no "easy" kicks.)

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No,not by any means.Saints fans will certainly enjoy having him. He is one of the most accurate kickers in the game

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