Am I the only one that thinks the Pats are going to turn out be overrated?

I would prefer if Pats fans didnt answer you guys cant seem to look at the team with logic.


Do pulling tires make u faster?

I think they are. If any other team did this, everyone would be saying that "they should do it the Patriots' way and not sign free agents." Very, very hypocritical.

Best pump-up song for football to make you get Lawrence Taylor on them?

i have always said since the trade that they are the best on PAPER..the games have yet to be played..if they can't run or stop the run, they will be disappointed.


hey right now espn has no real intresing things to say so there just hyping up the pats but yea they do look nice

Who Hates The Cleveland Browns!?

Yeah, pretty much...Face it...

Why does Charlie Weis receive so much respect as compared to the Ty Willigham coached ND teams?

they r overated, they r getting to much hype over randy moss, who in my opinion, is WAY overated

Can someone PLEASE fire TED THOMPSON!!!!!!?

Brady can still make stuff happen and Moss' addition will help. Maroney has had a year to learn how the team runs. They'll be back in the playoffs but I doubt they'll get to the AFC conference champ game again. For what it's worth, I'm not a Pat fan and I hate Belicheck.

Who are the running backs who ran a 4.49 40 yard dash or better?

No, your not the only one.
I'm with you.

Is there any football card collectors out there?

YES you are. the pats are gonna be nasty. Wes Welker Dante stalwath and randy moss at wide receiver good luck stopping Brady. 6Th ranked defense last year new good corner in Brandon meriweather. the pats are going to be unstoppable.

In a twisted sort of way, was it good Brady Quinn got drafted so late since he gets to play at his home state?

How many times has the favorite in the off season won the superbowl. That's all I gotta say.

Did the Eagles basically hand the division title to the Cowboys?

I don't think that will be the case with this team this year. They are hungry after not having wona championship the past couple of years.

Hawks will be 11-5?

Why is everyone named Ryan a retard? Logically speaking, Ryan, the Patriots are going to not only win the superbowl next year...but possibly go unbeaten in the process.

Patriots Fan.

What is your prediction of finish in the Big Ten this coming season?

I am a Browns fan.
I DO NOT think the Pats will win the super bowl. heck, they took a step backwards by getting moss. I hate to say it, but the hated Ratbirds did good they got the best rb available, got Troy Smith from OSU, and I am sure they improved that d.
next best:
Indy actually IMPROVED. so they may repeat. the Pats are on the way down

How do your guys think the AFC North will be this season.who will win the divsion?

No. You're just a Pats hater. Do hate, just appreciate.

Is it just me or is it unusual for a free agent to switch conferences, and if that is true, why?

ok not all of us pats fans are blinded here..i think any teams that get put up so high on a pedastal have no where to go but down! I am also buckeye so i know this well! Its not the pats that are overrating themselves though...its the media, its us fans..our expectations are waaaaay too high...this doesnt mean the potential for a great team is not there...because it is.but if great teams on paper always won then i guess chargers would have won it all last we will all have to wait and see..

NCAA Football, who will be the top 5 teams? Who has best chance at national championship?

I am going to agree. The Redskins do this every year and it never works out. Not only does the media need to quit but so do those pesky Pats fans. Wait until they play a game for goodness sake.

Who is the best quaterback in the NFL?

yes u r the only person that thinks that the pats now has three wide outs that can run a four three lots of people dont know who wes welker is but let me tell u he played with miami last year didnt get a chance to really show case his ability to its fullest extent but the guy is very fast so is daunte and u know about moss with tom brady at the helm belicheck defense they are gonna be great

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