!Will the Gators win the National title for football again?

They won the ncaa basketball game again and in my eyes outside of use there the best football team as well.


Who will the San Diego Chargers pick in the 2007 draft?

This will be a down year for florida in football. The SEC has gotten a ton better, and Tebo is still very young. LSU and Tennessee are both fielding beter teams right now, and all of Florida's success will hurt them in the long run because with much success comes unreal expectations. People just expect them to win, and when they start 1-2 peop,le will be very upset. They are going to be the next Miami.

Hit harder in football?

Probably, but first it's time for the Gator baseball team to win the national championship

What to look for in high school football?

The Gators now have to win the lacrosse championship!!!!!!...

Whats ur favorite football team?

NO they wont.THey lost there bets QB in Chris Leaky.He was the workhourse for passing the ball.And tim Tebow can only run and wont be able to take Chris's spot on the team.

Bucs in the gun?


Will the colts repeat as super champions ?

man i hate ohio state they suck.

USC should have played florida in the football national championship so florida would not even have the chance to catch their breath.

Usc should play florida this year and we will see a new champion in football.

What is the best position for football?

well i think that UF sucks and that mich desvied the rematch but florida got it and they won because osu had a down game. Now OSU will reload because they are a great team with a very good D with Wells coming back and 2 great WR to help but the QB is questionable but UF going back is not going to win the national championship happen because the talent that was lost is to great and the SEC is harsh.

Rivals.com ?

Probably not, they lost Chris Leak and he won't be replaced, I'll say they'll go 10-2 and be in a major bowl just not the Championship game.

Do you like Chad Johnson?

its a good posibility

What is the average deep pass for a High School JV football team?

not likely USC looks like the team to beat again

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no they barely got to the last one with Leak, and Nelson plus now there DE's are gone too (thats the main reason they beat Ohio State)

honestly I don't even think they will win the SEC



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No. They didn't have the best football team, they got lucky in so many games this year.

Tennessee = beat a crappy team by 1 pt.
Alabama = needed a late interception to pull away.
Georgia = let up after a 21-7 lead in the 3rd? I doubt that, Georgia figurd them out - but it was too late in the game.
Vanderbilt = horrible team this year, won by 6?
South Carolina = another crappy team beat by a point.
Florida State = should have blown them out since they're so "good."

"Tebow right" isn't gonna work next year.

Im just starting to bench press, i don't know what weight or even reps to begin with?

Ok, that guy who said michigan deserved to be in it is still lost in loser land. Michigan AND Ohio State must have had crappy games once they got out of the conference huh? It was no coincidence, the Big Ten sucks. Anyway, everyone who says that Tebow can't throw is not thinking correctly either, or they definitely don't know much about this young man. He can throw the ball farther and with more accuracy than Chris Leak. Tebow also is a decision maker. Plus, Percy Harvin will have a fantastic year. Also, the offense won't be bad anymore. (That's right OSU, we had a crappy offense) They will actually be able to run the spread option that Meyer lives by since Tebow can run n gun. It should be a lot like the Alex Smith-led Utah offense, except better. I think that there is no reason why the Gators won't win. It's just up to them, you have to realize, only 2 losses takes you out of the hunt and since the Gators also have the SEC championship, it's one extra game to hurt them with. But, you can never tell who's going to win it until they do. At this point, however, the Gators have every chance to win the title. The only way I see them losing, is by beating themselves.

That 1 team!?!?


Follow the Dancing Bears?


I need to get faster for football?

I wouldn't bet on Florida repeating in Football, but I usually lose bets. Once again, they will be forced to play some of the best teams in the country in their own conference. Makes it tough to dominate, and they might need to lose early and not late. I think that USC certainly has the best chance to win the title, however, I am wondering when they will be hit with any penalties for Reggie Bush stuff. That should quiet them down a bit. I will list in order who I feel has the best chance at the title next yr.

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Texas
4. Michigan
5. Nebraska.I know this is a stretch, but they have to finally be good, right?..
6-10 The other SEC powerhouses..

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