Anybody else happy that the NFL suspended Pacman Jones for the season?

I couldn't be happier (unless the suspended him for more) of the result. I am sick of professional athletes not being punished for their idiotic behavior. I hope this either sets a standard for appropriate behavior or the next guy to get in trouble gets a more severe punishment. The best part is the fact that he doesn't get his pay. I also hope that in the future the different leagues fine players equitably the exorbitant amounts the players earn. Make it hurt!


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Yes I am. It sends a strong message to the NFL, especially the Cincinnati Jailcats a/k/a Bengals. One of the arguments is that Jones was not CONVICTED of any crime. But when you have more arrests than career interceptions, thats a problem. The NFL players have to understand that this is not only a game, but a business. As Goddell said, it is a privlege to play in the NFL. Roughly 1800 men get to play football for a living, but its some out of those 1800 who have no respect for themselves or the game. If you or I get 10 arrests, then we're in the unemployment line. One year is going easy on him. "Pacman" presents a bad image for the Tennessee Titans, the NFL, and for African-American men. Stiff penalties such as this will cause players and GMs to think twice. Players will think twice before indulging in the "superstar" lifestyle of heavy drinking, firearm carrying, drug usage, strip club hopping, and promiscuity. GM's will think twice about acquiring guys via draft or free agency who have these red flags in the character issue. Character and decency outweigh talent and winning. Why set your franchise back 3-5 years just for the chance of winning now. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks about Koren Robinson. They're still paying the price for that screw-up, as they have no first round pick this year because they used it to trade for his replacement, Deion Branch.

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all famous people get off easy compared to us..why not give him like 7 games and say if he messes up again , then it would be 2yrs. also no convictions!

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yes. players never learn until they lose their job or paychecks. make an example out of him.

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yea, now he needs to go to jail

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yes, the dude stepped over the line multiple times and I'm glad the league is finally bothering to show the players that they mean business now...

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I think the entire AFC South (except for the tinheads of course) are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Tennessee is in even more controversy.

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I am VERY happy. These people are acting like idiots. I think a good 3-strike rule is: After the third 'incident' of any sort that brings negative attention to the sport and/or a team, then they should be banned from football. That's right. Make these idiots realize how good they have it, and make them GO FIND A REAL JOB and learn from what they've lost.

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About time a commissioner stands up for something other than the owners making money hand over foot.

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I'm not sure the word "happy" is the right word. the NFL has a real problem with these thugs doing what they think they can do. There should be no room for idiots like Jones in the league...

Looks like Joey Porter is back in trouble with the law again. What is this Ahole's problem?

He got what he deserved. anyone that thinks otherwise is a Titans homer. He's been in trouble more times than you can count on both hands, in only 2 years of being in the NFL.

Ricky Williams and Onterrio Smith both got suspended for their continued bad behavior and violations...Pacman Jones is no different and shouldn't get a free ride because of who he is.

Good job NFL!

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They shouldn't have suspended him that long. That would just backfire because now since he doesn't have anything to do and has too much money and spare time, he will go out and do the same things, maybe worse. What a lack of foresight by the NFL.

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Yes, it sends a message to the rest of the league. Actions have its consequences.

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