Anyone else notice that Peyton manning looks like he is going to cry after an int??

He ALWAYS looks like he is going to go over to the bench and cry like the baby that he is


How many people think the atlanta falcons management are idoits?

lol manning is a baby, with a oval head

Who are some of the top talents yet to be drafted?

He's not crying because he threw a pick, he's crying because he saw your face.

Should the Miami Dolphins get another big play WR?

Yes he does look rather upset when he throws an interception. However he does not throw all that many in the first place so I guess when he does throw one it is a complete disgrace in his eyes.

Does jim nantz look like bill belichik?

HAHA i love it man. That is soo true! this question is AWESOME!!

Will the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Houston Texans next season?

Manning is the biggest whining crybaby out there. If something bad happens he looks like hes about to cry. He does not look lie he ever enjjoys himself on the field. And when something goes wrong he blames everyone else.

Madan NFL 2006-PS2 Question?

he is soo not a crybaby, just cause he looks like he's going to dosnt mean he is it would so funny to see you try to be a quarterback, you would throw interceptions left and right

Will the patriots win the Super Bowl This Season?

When your as good as Peyton Manning, you don't like mistakes. So yea, he is beating himself up when he makes a mistake (which is not to often). Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks out there (if not the best). Whos better? babyface Brady is right up there, to bad he plays for the Pats.

Who did Troy Smith from Ohio State go to on the NFL draft?

Maybe Peyton Manning should get really excited, put on a party hat, and start dancing around when he throws an interception. Peyton Manning doesn't look like he's going to cry when he throws an interception, but he looks upset. You're probably just jealous that he beat your favorite NFL team sometime during the season or postseason. He's a great qb, a tough qb, and an extremely hardworking qb. No reason to be hating on such a talented player.

Who has how many national championships?

just love for the game.

When is the NFL draft?

not really in the regular season, but he sure does in the playoffs because he is still a terrible qb in the playoffs. he averaged 3 int a game this past postseason! otherwise, he does not care in the regular season.

Does the number of Super Bowls won show how great a QB is?

no. he looks upset. Eli looks like he's going to cry.

What was the tennessee titans name before they became the titans?

Yep...when that Lombardi shined in his eye I seen a big tear...

Who has been the most productive "Mr. Irrelevant" ever drafted?

ur a stupid idiot...stupid haters...wouldnt u cry if u threw a pick in the grand daddy of em all..the shut the f*** up ...ur all jealous cuz hes a superbowl champ...mvp.and the best qb in the game.recognize it..

Who thinks Quinn's sister would be drafted ahead of him on hottness alone?

No. I think he's just pissed. Besides he has a SB ring. His brother looks like he's going to cry. But Corey Dillon is old and he sucks and he has a bitchy attitude. Get a new favorite player. GO BRONCOS!

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