Any lions fans?

are there any current lions fans that dont live in detroit, or any people that were lions fans at some point ?


If you were making a franchise any way you want?

I only watch them cause i live near Detwat...Dallas will be the superbowl winners

Preserving a signature on a football?

I'm not really a Lion fan, but I was a lion fan Intel they started to be sad. I'm a SAINTS fan my home team. Look at all the videos of the SAINTS.

Will The Denver Broncos Make it to the AFC Championship in 07?

Not a fan. But if there is a bet. Will pick them at times.
Also on Thanksgiving Day I think most of America is a Lions' fan.

What would be the chances?

No i use to live in Detroit and yea not a fan. Now i live in the Phoenix area and we have the Cardinals so its not getting ne better lol!

What NFL team is in need of a new helmet design?

i'm a big lions fan we suck every year i think we will be hard to stop on offense this year

Do NFL referees get paid to favor a team with penalties?

I was a fan when Barry Sanders was playing for them, he was awsome to watch.
Now they are a joke.

Who is going to win?


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