2008 NFL Draft?

For NEXT year's draft, make your own mock draft of the top 10 picks. Be sure to include the teams you think will have those picks and in order.


What time should I get to the NFL Draft in order to attend?

slow down man, people can baraly handle this years draft

What football position should i be, and what workouts should i do for that position?

I don't get it - how do we know what underclassmen are coming out?

Who should the 49ers draft in the first round?

what a stupid question. i should get best answer just for wasting my time with this

What Football Postions Should I Play In High School?

1.your mother(fat as s h i t)
2.your father(gay)
3.your sister(who i dated and fucked twice)
4.your brother(who is a p u s s y)
5.me(im a G)
6.your cusin(gets beat up twice a day)
7.your friend joe(i fucked his mother twice)
8.Me again(cus im cool lk that)
9.your uncle(who is a wangster and trys to be a G)
10.your aunt(who is hot as s h i t and strips for me once a day)

How does USC get that many recruits?

How are we supposed to know who will make it. GOOD STORY, CALM DOWN.

Who will trade for Brett Farve?

1. Detroit-- QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
2. Buffalo-- RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
3. Oakland-- OT Jake Long, Michigan
4. Cleveland-- LB Dan Connor, Penn State
5. Miami-- WR Mario Manningham, Michigan
6. Arizona-- DT, DE Glenn Dorsey, LSU
7. Houston-- RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia
8. NY Jets-- QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii
9. San Francisco-- OT Sam Baker, USC
10. St. Louis-- CB Antione Cason, Arizona

these are my picks, so they may not be as good as an 'expert's', but i still hope if helps

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