2007 NFL Draft?

Who is going to the draft this year? Is Joe Thomas going?


I'm first seen the game?

Joe Thomas WON'T be at the draft. He'll be on a fishing boat with his dad. However there will be a camera on the boat so we can see his reaction when he's drafted. Probably #2 overall.

Saints vs Bears, rematch NFC game in 2007,08'?

players good at college football,

yes he is

Should Brady Quinn have went fishing instead of going to the draft?

yes Joe Thomas is going and looks like he might be taken at either #6, 7, 8.

I am 14 159ib 5`5 what position should i play in football?

joe Thomas is destined to be a very popular athlete compared to other Offensive Linemen. The fact that he's going in the top 5, and he will be on a fishing boat is awesome. I also heard that he was given 100 dollars for lunch after the senior bowl, or some kind of end of the season bowl. instead of keeping all the money, he wrote a check for the change and mailed it back.
But I think J. Russel, B.Quinn and C. Johnson are going, probably A. Peterson, and a few others.

What color are tom brady's eyes?

Detriot Lions, strong Offensive lines made average qbs into pro-bowlers and pro-bowlers into hall of famers.

Who do you think is the strongest linebacker in the upcoming draft? And which team do you think will get him?

a lot of guys


Does anyone no a website where i can find the loy norrix high school football roster for 1997?

yes joe thomas is going and ALOT of people are entering the draft

What are your thoughts on what Roger Goodell is doing in terms of how he's handling the image of the league?

ok i no order here r players goin in the first round im not gonna name them all but i give you a couple. Calvin Johnson- Georgia Tech. Jamarcus Russell- LSU. Laron Landry- LSU Joe Thomas- Wisconsin. Brady Quinn- Notre Dame. Gaines Adams-Clemson. Alan Branch- Michigan. Marshawn Lynch- Cal. Adrian Peterson.- Oklahoma. Jarvis Moss- Florida and a whole lot more

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