2007 nfl draft, first round wrs?

i am just curious to know about the hype of some these wrs that are projected to go high on the first day of the draft. considering the fact that this years class of wrs are deep, will there be value on the 2nd day of the draft at wr and te. also will usc trojans wr steve smith make the first round due to his extraordinary speed at the combine and playmaking ability??


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Calvin Johnson, Robert Meachem and even though Steve Smith is a excellent WR I don't think many scouting experts will put him in a position to be drafted in the 1st round. He will probably be drafted in the late 2nd or early 3rd.

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Calvin Johnson and Tedd Ginn Jr. are probably the only two wide receivers that will be drafted in the first round. Dwayne Jarret, Robert Meachem, or Dwayne Bowe may slip into the first round if a team really wants a wr that high. I don't think steve smith will be a first rounder, probably 2nd or third, but i could be wrong.

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Calvin Johnson is considered the best WR prospect in years. Almost all draft analysts have him as the top overall player in the draft. After him, there is a big drop off. Ted Ginn Jr and Robert Meachum are certain 1st round picks and likely Dwayne Jarrett from USC. Steve Smith had a really good pro day recently and many experts are now saying he might sneak into the 1st Round but no later than the second.

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calvin johnson, ted ginn, possibly meachem or jarrett

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Last year one WR was taken in the first round while four RBs were taken...this year I see one RB being taken in the first and up to 4 WRs taken. They all have big play capability and they'll all have impact in the league I think. 2nd day picks are always sketchy and you don't always know what's going to be there and who is going to be good...case in point...Marques Colston...

I hope Steve Smith makes it to the first round, if any WR in this draft is underrated, and I don't use that word very often, it is Steve Smith. He's not a Calvin Johnson by any means, but he deserves to be drafted within the first 50 picks I'd say, if not the 1st round for sure...but that might not be very likely.

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This year's WR class could actually go down as being one of the best in recent memory. Not meaning the best in quality, but the quanity. Most the people before me have the names of players that will 'for sure' go in round one, but they fail to say who has a legit chance and for what reasons.

The reasons are simple:
- Who needs what(team needs)
- What player is avaliable.

It seems Defensive line is the popular choice this year for first rounders, so this will affect how many WR are chosen.

The players who have a POSSIBLE chance at being drafted in the first round are:(no particular order)

C. Johnson
R. Meachem
D. Bowe
T. Ginn Jr.
S. Rice
S. Smith

Again, it depends on who needs a WR at that point in time. Mock Drafts don't mean anything, but something to talk about. I promise not one Mock draft will be 100% in the first round.
D. Jarrett

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Here is my quick breakdown of the WRs in the upcoming draft...
1.) Calvin Johnson - Is there really any doubt? Size and speed without the prima donna attitude, the man has got it all. Top 5 pick guaranteed...possibly to Tampa.
2.) Robert Meachem - 6'2 and runs a 40 time just under 4.4; Ideal speed and size but not very strong. Should probably be picked somewhere in the middle of the 1st round.
3.) Ted Ginn Jr. - Blazing speed but nagging injuries and a little undersized. Should be picked somewhere in the middle of the 1st.
4.) Dwayne Bowe - Could be better than Meachem and Ginn Jr. Good size and decent speed. Considered more of a red-zone target. Should be picked mid to late 1st round.
5.) Dwayne Jarrett - 6'4; Big target and great hands. Not really that fast or quick. Ran a 4.6 in the 40. Should be picked mid to late 1st round, but I think he's a 2nd round talent. Could become a Keyshawn or could become a Mike Williams.
6.) Sidney Rice - Decent size and speed. Pretty solid at everything and should become a pretty solid WR. Good upside. Most likely a 2nd round pick.
7.) Steve Smith - Not as good as the other Steve Smith, but seems like a poor man's version. Good speed, undersized and fearless to catch across the middle. Most likely a 2nd round pick.
8.) Anthony Gonzales - Pretty solid prospect. Does nothing great but does everything well. Good hands and reliable. Really knows how to get open. 2nd-3rd round pick.

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My Rank of Wideouts are as follows:
1. Calvin Johnson
2. Dewayne Jarret
3. Tedd Ginn
4. Greg Olsen- Tight End
5. Robert Meacham
6. Dewayne Bowe

2nd Round
1. Sydney Rice
2. Anthony Gonzalaz
3. Steve Smith
4. Steve Breasten

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Robert Meachem will be a first draft pick

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I don't see Smith being picked in the first round. I think someone will get a steal of a deal when they pick up this underrated receiver in the second round. I think Teddy Ginn will go in the top 8-15 picks, yet I watched most of Ohio States games this past season and he drops a lot of passes, he is fast though. The NFL has some fast defenders so as much as I hate to say it, I think Ginn will be a bust, therefore someone like Smith might be a better pick, yet he'll slip back in the draft.

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For your first question, yes there will be talent at the WR spot on day 2, there are a few players from non-BCS teams ready to make an impact in the NFL.

And for Steve Smith, in my opinion he is better thanJarrett, and he could possibly go to the Colts at #32, as a replacement for Brandon Stokley and in another 3 years, Marvin Harrison. This is a longshot, and would require many linebackers and D-lineman to be taken before their projected slots

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My rating of WRs:
1. Calvin Johnson--top 5 pick
2. Robert Meachem (people, check out his stats and combine numbers, he is the clear #2 here)--middle of 1st round
3. Ted Ginn--middle to end of 1st round
4. Dewayne Bowe--end of 1st round
5. Sidney Rice--end of 1st round
6. Anthony Gonzales--beginning of 2nd round
7. Dwayne Jarrett--beginning to middle of 2nd round (concerns about his similarities with Mike Williams will make his draft stock fall)

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This is one of the deepest wide receiver classes I've seen. Guys like Calvin Johnson, Ted Ginn, and Robert Meachem are first round locks. You have a lot of great receivers such as Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett, Buster Davis, and Sidney Rice. These are your second tier guys. Productive collegiate receivers such as Anthony Gonzalez, Steve Breaston, and Steve Smith, aren't even being mentioned much. The class is so deep with receivers, that there is going to be some value even early in Day two of the draft at the position. Look for some guys who get taken in rounds 4-5 to have some impact on the field this coming season. As far as Steve Smith, he along with Anthony Gonzalez are probably the most underrated. Ted Ginn is the most overrated. He excels as a returner, but is lacking in receiver skills.

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i like the round 2 guys like jason hill and craig davis

Is this right?

in the first round, the recievers are:
Ginn (overrated)
Maybe Smith

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Smith (but probably the most underrated high profile WR in the draft)

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