Al harris in top 3 cb in nfl?

do you think #31 al harris of the gb packers is in the top 3 i think hes #1 but what do u think


Top CB currently in the NFL?

i would say hes a top 5
Harris has not missed a game since the 1998 NFL season, playing in over 120 consecutive games.
During the 2005 NFL season, Harris had 28 passes defensed, breaking the Packers' record which was previously held by Doug Evans.
Harris recorded the most defensive snaps for the Packers in 2005.
Harris was selected as a Pro Bowl alternate at cornerback in each of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 NFL seasons.

Who is this nfl player?

Uhhh. No. Clements, Deangelo, Assante, and Champ are all far superior.

PS2 football?

If he cut his hair, maybe, but no...maybe in the top10

What is a good website to buy score football cards?

1. champ bailey.
2. asante samuel
3. nate clements

What are 3 historical events that are linked to the cleveland browns?

What drug are you hopped on? No way in hell is he in the top 3. Here's my top 3:

1. Champ Bailey
2. Asante Samuel
3. Nate Clements

Maybe you can put him in the top 10 or whatnot but not the top 3.

Is there anywhere I can buy replica superbowl rings?

Champ Baily

Nate Clements

Chris McCallister

Who won the super bowl and who were the best who played?

1.) Champ Bailey
2.) Asante Samuel
3.) Ty Law

First, Charles Woodson is a better CB than Al Harris and they are on the same team so...
Second, Nate Clements and DeAngelo Hall are way overrated. Clements is a good corner but everyone thinks that the size of your contract tells how good you are. Clements is not a top 3 corner.
And DeAngelo Hall, everyone thinks he is good but may I remind you how "well" he plays when facing good receivers? When he faced Dallas and T.O. this year, T.O. burned him for several catches and 2 TDs, one of them a LONG pass. So DeAngelo the supposedly fast DB was burned by a possession receiver. Or when The Falcons played the Steelers and Hines Ward burned Hall for 8 catches with 171 yards and 3 TDs. Or when the Falcons played Cinncinnatti and Chad Johnson burned Hall for 6 catches for 70 yards and 1 TD. When good receivers burn you like this, how can you be considered even a top 20 CB? A third stringer on the Texans can cover better than that.

Who will the 49ers get as there 14th pick in the draft this year?

you're obviously an ignorant fan too biased to see the truth

i won't comment on top some others have done a good job of that

I will say that he OBVIOUSLY isn't the best cornerback in the league and if you honestly think that, you need to seriously look at how out of control your bias is

i'm not trying to be a jerk regardless of how it just really bothers me when people are too wrapped up in their favorite team to be able to think rationally about the sport.

Champ Baily is OBVIOUSLY the best cornerback in the league right now


notice how nobody agrees with fact, pretty much everybody knows enough to say Champ is the best.

still not trying to be a jerk...but maybe you should take that as a sign

Anyone remember a better more timely play on D than the george teague strip move against miami ?


1. Champ Bailey
2. Asante Samuels
3. Nick Harper (so underrated)

Has football ever seen a faster backfield than West Virginia in 2008?

1) Champ Bailey
2) DeAngelo Hall
3) Asante Samuel
4) Al Harris

What are the dates for the Minnesota Vikings 2007 training camp?

Not even close.

Better CB's:

A. Samuel
T. Newman
D. Hall

He's better than Clements, though. Another good corner is the kid from Oakland, I'm not even going to try and spell his last name.

What r some websites that r about football playbooks?

Harris is top 5 not top 3...

What does the NFL and College expect from a young football player?

Top five. Top 3:
1. Champ Bailey
2. Chris McCallister
3. Nate Clements

New england patriots playbook?

I'd say Champ Bailey is the best by far, Asante Samuel is probably up there, and Ty Law is one of the best current corners.

How many players are on a side for American football?

i'm a packers fan and i say hell no! he's a great cb, no doubt, but there are certainly better ones out there. i do love him though

Who do u think would be the best in the Pac-10 and who the best on the team?

champ is by far the best. terence newman is the MOST underrated in the league. over the last two years, he's only given up three touchdowns. that is a fact.

Who were the first three quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys during their inaugral season?

No, so many other great cbs, champ bailey, dre bly, ty law, chris mcallister, deangalo hall, gary baxter, nate clements, chris gamble, asante samuel, and many others, he really does not even scratch top ten.

I am looking for an old photo of Cleveland Browns nose tackle Bob Golic, scoring a touchdown with bloody nose?

He's good but I would say he is in the top 10.

What teams in the NFL have the lowest average age?

Nope Best 3 corners coverwise are-
Champ Bailey
Fred Smoot
Kevin Lucas

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