Question for Steelers fans!?

Why do we always give up "big names"yet never acquire one?


Where can I find information on former NFL players?

Got Bettis didn't they? Sure people didn't think he was a big name anymore, but was because St. Louis was trying to run him down. They give up the big names because they can't afford them. They have players who aren't big names but are making good money. That is the other part of it. The Steelers don't WANT Big names, because that brings Big Egos. So they keep the small name, not superstar type that go out and get the job done.

Where are the NY Giants corporate offices located?

Build the stars from inside baybee. That way you are never at the mercy of the market.

Who will win super bowl XLII?

becasue of the salry cap andi am NTO A STEELERS FAN GO EAAGLES

Best running back in NFL right now?

sorry, ur question was only for steeler fans, i am NINER but this is one interesting Q, i guess u guys alwayz give up big names but never acquire any, that is what u call good selecting, ur team knows that obtaining thru the draft is the wisest mean of winning championships, just like they have done ever. or just like they did 2 years ago, Ben's a great example, steelers didnt have a good qb, but they managed to get ben and went on to win the super bowl, to this day, it has been a steeler tradition to obtain talent thru draft, so u guys should be proud of that.

Why do the browns(football)have orange uniform?


BREAKING NEWS: Patriots to get Randy Moss. What do you think?

In some ways the Steelers have shown to be adept at cutting loose players who are past their prime. Cutting Joey Porter is a perfect example, he's like Greg LLoyd was for the Steelers. Once they cut Lloyd he was done and Porter, unlike Lloyd, might get paid but his best days as a player are over.

Is bret farve a top 20 quarterback? if so name 19 others that are better than him?

Because you touch yourself at night

Who's Your All-Time All Pro NFL Team?

b/c the steelers aren't paying anybody we work with what we got and u wanna leave goodbye we make our own big names.

Will a white person ever win the heisman without playing qb refering to this day in age not 50 years ago?


Howard Cosell vs Jimmy the Greek?

I'm a Packers fan and I wonder the same thing about us.

Who should atlanta draft at pick#8?

they have the ability to build players to fit their system.hey you got bettis from the rams,and kevin whats his name to go with gregg lloyd.

Best rookie?

Because we know how to turn our "no names" into big names.

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