49-ers, 76-ers?

when i team calls themselves the 49ers or the 76ers what does it mean? whats with the numbers? i've never watched a basketball or american football game in my entire life, forgive my ignorance.


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Philadelphia 76ers are an NBA team.

The United States Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776 by our country's Founding Fathers. Americans are very proud of their Declaration of Independence and commemorate 4 July 1776, every year.

In 1849, California underwent a population explosion because many people heard that there was gold. The "Gold Rush" started in 1849 in the San Francisco area.

San Francisco 49ers are an NFL team. The team's nickname honors all of the people who moved there in search of gold. One of the team's colors is gold.

Hope that helps.

Many American sports teams have nicknames relating to the history or character of their city.


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49ers stands for the gold miners that once were all over san fran. they were called...49ers.

don't know about 76ers though. probably refers to 1776 and independence

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The people who went to California to find gold in the 1800s were called the 49ers. The 76ers are called the 76ers because the U.S. became a free nation in 1776.

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they both have to do with something significant that happen in that year and in that city 1849>the gold rush (nicknamed the people 49ers) 1876>the deceleration of independence was signed in Philly

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The 49ers stands for the San Francisco gold rush of 1849.

The 76ers stands for the signing of The Decleration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776 after America won the Revolutionary war to gain its independence.

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49ers is a reference to the Gold Rush of 1849.
76ers is based on the birth of the Nation-1776. Philly is where the whole thing started.

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The 49ers get their name from the Gold Rush of 1849, which centered in California, primarily the San Francisco area. The 76ers get their name from the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 in Philadelphia. The names have nothing to do with the sports themselves, but are derived from historical references related to their respective cities.

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Both of them refer to dates in history
49ers are the 1849 gold miners. 76ers are the independence crud of 1776.

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