2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise St. MOVIE is in the makes.. Who should be in the cast?

Main Characters?


Any girls out there, did u ever wanna play football when u were younger?

The statue of liberty.

How much would you pay?

nobody. lucky sons of bitches. shoulda never been in that game. whatever happened to BCS confrences.

How did Adam "Pacman" Jones get his nickname "Pacman"?

Ian Johnson - Ludacris
Zabransky - Bob Saget
Adrian Peterson - Mr. T
Boise St. Coach Peterson - Hulk Hogan
Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops - Mike Stoops
Oklahoma LB Rufus Alexander - Brian Bosworth

Is American football considered feminine?

Billy Bob Thornton, Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson

What's worse Mel Kiper's haircut or his prognosticating?

Wow how cool is that if they actually make the movie.

Matt Damon as the QB.

They would have to have young promising actors for the rest of the cast.

I'm about to enter High School. I'm 5'9" 130lbs. and I want to play football. What position should I play?

Disney characters

What games do you like better?

Why is that a movie?? It's not even a good story. Boise St. has been good for a while and they were the better team.

If they sucked and made it to the end in a playoff and pulled of some crazy upset against an unbeatable team I could see a movie being made, but not this.

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