1993 National Championship, Controversy over Champion, what do you think?

Notre Dame beat Florida State, but then lost to BC the next week. Notre Dame fans think that they should have been number one because they beat florida state. Florida state fans think that since notre dame lost to a worse team, later in the season, they should be champions. I agree with Florida State simply because losing to a number 2 team is better than losing to an unranked team. Some say Notre Dame could have just had a bad day, but the same could be said for florida state. I also think since they lost after, Notre Dame was rightfully denied the championship.


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Florida State were the rightful champions back in 1993.

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Who cares? It was 14 years ago!

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Isn't there controversy every year? In my opinion, there is no such thing as an NCAA football national champion. Ever. If there is no playoff system then who cares. That is why collage will never compare to the pros. Unless you live in Oklahoma or Nebraska of course(nothing better to do).

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since the irish beat the seminoles,not trying to take away from either of those teams but i think the head to head game should have meant more than a loss later on because teams tend to have a let down late in the season and i dont see how fsu can claim to be better than notre dame when they got beat by them. again im not trying to offend fsu fans just saying the irish won head to head so it makes no sense on how fsu can take the title from a team they never beat

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