According to ESPN, If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the "Bucks",and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the "Jags" ?

What makes the Tennesse Titans ?


Big ben question?

i like the way you think...

bucs, jags, pats...T I T S...makes sense to me!

Cb,first round WR ,LB,..2nd and 3rd?

* i guess haha

How to prepare for High School Football.?

Well there is an obvious answer...losers!

Will the Steelers run the 4-3 or the 3-4 this year?

the tit.s!
and its the bucs...bodoh...

My Draft Grades so far. Grade me if you want?

yes they could be called the TITES but not the * you moran

Cato June?


Does anyone know where I could find the music ESPN used for NFL Sunday Countdown from around 1996-1998 or so?

Tennesee T i t s? LOL As far as the first poster, just ask the Washington Redskins if you can make it to the Super Bowl with a minority quarterback. Louisiana's own Doug Williams is a Super Bowl Champion and MVP of the Super Bowl. Or better yet ask the Titans, who came a yard short of Super Bowl victory with a minority quarterback, Steve McNair. If you're going to be a racist bigot, at least be an educated one and get your facts straight before you type stupidity in the answer box!

Who will the Texans draft in the 1st round?

Its the Bucs not Bucks. Don't forget the Skins!

Will they ever change the BCS system?

it dont make them nothing jus another old weak team who just happen to beat the superbowl champs

What you think about that show on CW's The game?

They should just rename the team the Vince Youngs

A Bears Super Bowl Question...?

Wouldn't that logic make the Washington team the Reds?

Then you have the Vikes, the Cards.etc.

Is anyone interested in getting Michael Vic banned from football?

I think you know the answer, but TOS will block it. That's an oldie but goodie.

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