After thinking a great deal-is it the correct page we love or football?

Question:A well executed drive is poetry to me weather the team wins or not it is beautiful. Football is the only sport that I watch. People have said that it is to violent for them but they cannot see presition on its performance.
Correct spelling has never been one of the better things that I do in life. But I do not warry about it, because their are a lot of great men who canot spell either,Ben Franklin being one of them. I consider myself in the company of giants.


Who thinks that within 4 years the nebraska cornhuskers will be back within the top 10?

Well aren't you special

Quinn and Russell- Overhyped?

ok EXPLAIN in detail a well exucuted drive?? Repeating what you hear someone say does not make you a football expert. Go back to the kitchen and turn on the 13 inch tv.. you're just annoying. Females don't belong in football. And making one statement (for what reason I have no clue) does not impress anyone. Maybe i should say repeating one statement.

Do you guys know who the number one person is on the NFL draft?

My friend I'd take you to a football game and no one will say anything. Also me being me is also poetic justice and you going to a game with me would be what I do for fun anyway - my girl.

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