A Bears Super Bowl Question...?

Who thinks that the unholy alliance between Lovie Smith and Rex Grossman cost us the game?


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I agree with you that this alliance is hurting the team. Although not a bears fan, I had rex grossman as my fantasy qb (you can imagine how well my season went) and watched most of the games. Rex Grossman isn't just a bad quarterback, sometimes he looks like he has no place being on a football field. He constantly fumbles the balls, adn I can't tell you how many times i've screamed "WHAT WAS THAT?!?!" at the TV. I want to say he needs to grow, but the growing time is over. As a dolphins fan, i watched Brian Griese quarterback our team a few years back, and hes exactly what the bears need. THe bears are going to have a solid running game and their defense is superb. Brian Griese will keep the ball in YOUR teams hands, and not force turnovers. Hes the right guy for the job.

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Well, it's a fair assessment...Maybe the wrong one, but fair. I think the bears D had a tough time throughout the whole playoffs and i think that Indy may have won even if Griese was in. But i will agree with the feeling that Rex is horrible and had no business being the starter for probably the last few games of the regular season and REALLY should have been benched in the SB. He is terrible and should probably be a pop warner coach or somthing instead of an NFL qb.

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The unholy alliance between Rex and Lovie got you to that game. We all know that the Bears defense slacked off toward the end of the season. The Colts just outplayed the Bears plain and simple. They out played the Bears on offense and defense. Besides anyone who thought that an NFC team had a chance at winning the superbowl this year was out of their minds. Sorry.

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How about the fact that your defense could not do anything to get through the Colt's offensive line cost you the game. Brian Urlacher said it, "they beat us." Plain and simple. Quit blaming Rex Grossman. Grossman is a Quarterback. He had nothing to do with the defense not being able to stop the Colts offense.

You got beat. It's not a conspiracy. It's not a mystery. You weren't the best team that had one substandard player blow it for you. You simply got out performed by a superior team.

There will be another season. You'll get another chance. Build on what you have and everything will be OK.

I'm sorry. I really thought most Bears fans understood the game better than this. But, from all the crying and finger pointing I've seen, you guys just don't know football.

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Much like people saying that the Tony Romo fumble cost the Cowboys the game against Seattle, this is slightly inaccurate. Grossman underacheived in the Super Bowl, but he'd done that the entire second half of the season. His mediocre play as a factor, but the offense as a whole didn't exactly set the world on fire. The defense played a bigger part in the loss, concentrating so much on containing Peyton Manning that they let Rhodes and Addai run the ball right down their throats. With all the effort devoted to stopping Manning, he still threw for 200+ yards, made plays when he needed to and won the MVP. The Bears should cut this guy now and roll the dice with Brian Griese, who isn't exactly Joe Montana, or even Bob Griese, but he's a significant upgrade over Rex GROSS man. Do the right thing Lovie

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I can't blame Grossman for the loss. The Bears were lucky to get to the game with such an awful offense. I think the Bear fans have to blame the defense. The Colts ran all over them. In a rainy, windy game it's the running game that decides the winner. The Colts were running at will in the fourth quarter. The Bears defense didn't deliver. Plain and simple.


Dont blame Rex for this loss. The defense played a terrible pathetic game. They let Manning and the running backs set the tone and control the game completely. Rex did not play his best but he was never really in a good position considering how bad the defense played.

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id say its grossmans up down play hes either amazing or the worst quarterback to step out on the field hes so hit and miss but then again the d wasnt really to great either the colts offense just kinda was messing around they werent even tryin part of the game just run run run punt or pass run run so even if grossman were in the game the d mighta cost em it

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I agree with a lot of you that the Bears defense played bad. But as bad as they played, Rex still had a golden opportunity to be the hero at the end of the game and blew it with the two interceptions, one ran back for a touchdown. I think that Rex deserves at least part of next season to prove himself, given that this was his first full year as a starter. But for this super bowl, I thought he should have been the MVP, as he was the Colts best player.

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its true.a healthy dose of thomas jones would have helped the d rest and figure out how to stop manning.the d was amazing how they stepped up after all those turnovers.

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