Chargers or raiders?


Who are the top 5 teams in the NFl?

WHAT THE HECK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT! obviously the raiders suck soo bad they cant beat themselves. the chargers would murder them so badly that they would establish the mercy rule

Do you ever get ball sweat?

Chargers by far! Tha Raiders are horrible, they have just about NO talent on that team!

49ers 2007 Draft??

Chargers use their talent the best and they have a pretty good eye for good character. Unlike the Raiders who have loads of talented cry babies.

If we dont mess with star trek conventions, why do they mess with our BCS ratings every year?

chargers got the talent
raiders will have he telent soon

Come over here please and answer this!(now!)?

Chargers! for sure! more class!
Raiders are more of a symbol of gang members than football! (my opinion)

How are far will the St. Louis Rams get this year? What do you think of their team?

no comment

Packers Mock Draft?


Looking for Auburn fans in the Chattanooga Tn area?

Prediction: San Diego will not make the playoffs in 2008 and be tied with the Raiders at 8-8.

Draft pick question. Do you think the TN Titan's safety pick was a mistake?

how's OBVIOUS that the Chargers are better!
the raiders are the worst in th NFL right now..
the Chargers have 14-2 record.
the patriots got lucky in the playoffs..

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