Why do football players condition?


Ben and jerry's?

So you dont get tired while playing, because when you tire then your abilities go down.

Do u think JaMarcus Russell will b the #1 draft choice? ido.?

What do u mean?idk but if you mean why do they get in shape, they do so they can perform better when playing in a game

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They condition because they need the strength for all 16 games. Not only those, but the grueling practices after losses, plus mental gauntlets to keep players mentally sharp.

I've always said that football players are the toughest athletes, and that they need to train the most, because of the long offseason they have. If you are coming off a devastating playoff loss [cough sneeze gasp wheeze Cowboys and Chargers] or a horrible season [er um Raiders and Lions], that offseason must be especially long.

Joe Buck..Why?

for strength, to perform better, in spite of the many injuries there would be many, many more injuries if players were not in condition

What postion should i play in your opinion?

Because it is a collision sport where the level of anaerobic activity for a short period of time is to the point of extreme. Because the guy that is trying not be tackled is conditioned (or vice verse). Because where upwards of 20 pounds of pads while putting forth an all out effort is not easy.

Who will have the better season, T.O. or Moss?

Because they are athletes. DUH!!

Atlanta Falcon's Tommy Jackson?

Why do tennis players condition? Basketball players? hockey players?

We condition to stay in shape, and get into better shape. It gets you ready for the season. Specially two-a-days. If you make it through them, you can make it through anything during the season.

Lost story short... condition to get into and stay in shape.

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Becasue so we dont give up in the 4th quater and if we dont condition were gonna get our asses kicked that night

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