Anyone into college football?

I really want to go to a Michigan game in Ann Arbor this fall! How much are we talking about? Any Michigan fans out there?


Do you think the NFL Referees Should be perfect in making calls?

My brother and sister are both students there. you can get tickets to one of the early season games relatively easy but finding tickets to any of the big games will be extremely tough. The availability of tickets is the main problem not the price (about $50 non/student).

If the Broncos ant Pats met 10 times in the season, how many games would both teams win?

Go to the Notre Dame game so you can watch them get their BUTTS KICKED! LOL!

When will the 2007 NFL schedule be announced?

I'm not a Michigan fan but I'm into college football. Ya have a good chance to do good this season but I'm not sure if you can win a big game. Unless OSU offense was too good for you but this year they will be short, because ginn jr, troy smith, pittman, and Tony Gonzalez all will be in the NFL

How do your guys think the AFC North will be this season.who will win the divsion?

I enjoy Wisconsin Badger football, but getting a ticket is almost impossible. Students have a better chance of getting tickets than non students do.

Did Pepsi come out with a Super Bowl can this year?


What is the best way for me to catch up to Lincoln Kennedy ex NFLer?

i like college more than pro.. games are more exciting

Will the Eagles be a contenter this upcoming season? I am concerned.?

I'm an ND fan. The Michigan / ND game is on my husband's birthday & he wants tickets as his gift. The prices are astronomical. If you can find a really reliable scalper, you might be okay. Otherwise, you may need to take out a 2nd mortgage to be able to finance them.

Right now I'm counting on staff tickets!

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