A Great Trivia Question.?

Who is the only hitter to be involved with a team hitting 4 consecutive homers in a game...and he did it twice?


Who is the best caucasian DB in the league right now?

JD Drew...last year with the Dodgers and last night with the Red Sox.

What position should I play(Football)?

Shouldn't this be in the baseball section

Why are the Eagles always the greatest ever? Can't any other NFL team come close?

Barry Bonds ?

Will Paul Posluzny and Griffin bust?

Are you a loser/ idiot Red Sox fan.
Oh, by the way, what kind of irrelevant question is that. Did they do it to win a World Series or something.
Also, who cares!

What do you think the browns record will be this year?

terry francona's father is my guess.

If you could pick that 1 win ?!?

maybee gary mathews jr

Who will be on the NCAA Football 08 Cover?

HUH...Isn't This the football section? i must be in the wrong section.(or do i?)

Dallas Cowboys Stadium?

JD Drew

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