5 professional sprts teams that play on real grass(turf)?

school project


Who are some of the top talents yet to be drafted?

Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets and New York Giants.

Reuben Droughns or Brandon Jacobs.who gets more carries for the Giants next season?

lacrosse (yea its pro now)

not played much in the USA but still professional sports in other places in the world

Are you an Eagles Fan or not.I am sick of my own people!!?

Oakland Raiders
California Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers
Oakland A's
SF Giants
USC Trojans
(bet you can't guess which state I live in?)

Is there going to be any records broke,this year in the NFL..Who is it & what records are they gonna break ?

Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers.

College Football?

Green Bay Packers
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves
oh that is six teams. Oh well.

What does 1st round draft pick mean?

The surface of Heinz Field (Pittsburgh) is horrible. They let high school and college play on it before the Steelers play on it. By the time Sunday rolls around, it's more like mud.


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