Am i overweight??

I am 5'8 183lbs. and muscular ..scientific nerds, doctors, recommend me to be at the maximum of167lbs.??are thy serious...for example nfl football players my height,wide receivers...cornerbacks..the most gifted athethes on earth..steve smith...aaron glenn.. for example all 5'8,5'9..180-190lbs.those doctors cant be right huh?


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Those weight charts dependent upon your height and age in the doctor's office are only meant to be as a "guide". They don't take into account your genetics (which will influence your build) and/or the ratio of your muscle/fat mass. If you want an accurate measure of what you "need to be", you should see a doctor (or trainer) about determining your body fat percentage. Even though you can calculate it based on weight and height through a basic formula, it's best to have a trainer/physician measure with a caliper (most common form of measuring body fat percentage). They also have several other ways they can measure the percentage, so just ask your doctor/trainer about having it done.

And muscle does way more then fat, so it's possible you just weight more because of the muscle. But I would still definitely get the body fat percentage calculated to know exactly where you stand.

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u should beat them up

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nope they are not right

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It is normal to be around the 180s even if you are only 5 foot 8. Muscle is much heavier than fat, so you are ok

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muscles are heavier than fat, so probably not

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Those charts are for non-athletes if you can see your abs then it doesn't matter what you weigh. If you can pinch an inch off fat you need to lose weight. When was 5'8" and 190 at 22 I was way healthier then when I was 165 at 17. And at 24 I was 185 but was all pudgy and soft. So weight is just an indicator of whether or not you should consider changing you lifestyle. There are a lot of fatties that don't realize they are unhealthy.

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Hey, they just want to have that muscle!

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The recommendations are based on averages. Average people are not all muscle. If you are all muscle, you're likely not overweight. If an average person weighed that much, however, a lot of it would be fat. That WOULD be an unhealthy weight then.

This is something you will want to watch out for in the future. You will not be an athlete your entire life. A lot of athletes die young after they retire because they can't lose the weight, and it does not stay muscle forever. You probably have a long time before you need to worry about that, but whenever you give up sports, keep it in mind. You'll either need to keep working out, or get rid of the weight.

In any case, be careful in questioning doctors and scientists. I guarantee they are smarter than you. You are comparing apples and oranges.

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dude your fine, if your musclelar there dumbass. obvisoly someones been lifting...

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tell doctors to go * themselves.

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