Would you trade for Takeo Spikes?


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yes, this isn't a bad trade Bills need more depth at D-line and Jeremiah Trotter does need some at LB. The can make a great duo. Bills get 08 draft pick which they need and Eagles get Kelly Holmcolm whic ok i guess.

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I think he can still play and Philadelphia picked up a good LB that will make plays. Something they haven't had for awhile.

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The trade is good for both teams.

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The trade is good for both teams.

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I think this trade is better for the eagles. What are receiving the bills? an unknown DL? Spikes is a two times probowler!

London Fletcher... gone
Nate Clements... gone
Willis McGahee... gone

We -the buffalo bills fans- gotta expect nothing more than 4 wins this coming season. We're going for the bengals' record of most seasons without playoffs. Thank you Marv!! We knew you'd give it to us.

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There is no doubt that the Eagles came out on top with their most recent trade for TKO.not only did the man carry the Bills D on his back up until his achilles injury in 05, but he returned to play knowing that the organization had begun trade talks since the day he was carted off the field. Andy Reid has made a career out of turning no name backers into productive and sometimes game changing players. Just imagine how wild his imagination will get with a player of Spikes ability. Not only will Takeo join a group of proven playoff contenders.he will have a thing or two to show the Eagles D about stopping the run and creating turnovers.
Mark my words...the Bills will not only regret this ridiculous trade, but by 08, they won't even remember the name of the DT they aquired for him...I know I won't. Perhaps they'll get lucky and put the draft pick to use in finding a replacement for Spikes..doubt it.
Here's to extending the playoff dryspell for the Buffalo Bills!!

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The Bills are really getting "fishy" this year. Why do I get the feeling they're sniffing Adrian Peterson's ***! Why else would you trade Willis McGahee to the Ravens. Now the Ravens have speed out the WAZOO!

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As a Bengals fan - No Way

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LMAO.i never dreamed having TKO on mi team...i never thought id c the day..im still in like shock...this was the stupidist decision the bills have made this offseason.Spikes is more than a proven player...he carrys the entire defense.i feel so srry 4 the bills 4 taking Walker off our team.i hate his stupid dance...and he is so slow...now bunkley will come in...we will draft a SS.and b the most dominating defense in the NFC.booyah
P.S. bills fans forgot about moulds.wat are they doing...ill accept any Billz fanz onto the band wagon. come cheer with us...fuk the bills they are stupid..if u want Buffalo take Dhani Jones also...

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