"NFL Fans," who will win the 2007 regular season opener...Saints or Colts?

Which team do you think will start the new season with a win..


Who else feels that the ALT Falcons should cut or trade Ron Mexico, aka Michael Vick?


Raiders fans, pleased with Michael Bush in the 4th round?


Why does everyone misspell Pukesburgh Squeelers ?

seahawks lol

How good wil the Chargers be next year?

Da Saints will win...and Peyton's "I'll kick their ***" on Saturday Night will come back to haunt him.

I hear Bill Belichek and the Patriots are planning a little something for him.

Could keyshawn johnson end backup with the buccaneers for the 2007 season?


Where is New England?

Well, neither team has a defense. But the better offense wins...so, the Colts. The statistically better offense of the Saints was against .500 NFC teams.

Who here loves the minnesota vikings?

the saints will win, neither team has a great defense, but the saints were better statistically last year, and will be better this year. offensively, both qbs are awesome, with the colts having better receivers. but, i think the saints will win because of 2 reasons: a better, more balanced running game (against a weak run D) with deuce mcallister AND an improved reggie bush. this will allow them to control the clock and keep manning's arm off the field.

Darrell Jackson to the 49ers. Good move?

Colts have lost some pretty good players such as Cato June and Domonique Rhodes and Saints have lost Joe Horn, but I think that they will produce close to the same as 2006. Colts will win because they are the defending Champs.

Does anyone know where I can get a Roger Wehrli authentic jersey?

The team that won the Super Bowl last season.

Do you want a Division 1-A playoff in football?

I'd love to see the Saints win!

Hey im thirteen weigh about 145 wanna play runninbak i run the hundred in about 12 flat how can i improve?

Go Saints!!!!

Who is the greatest legend in football history?

I hope the Saints do!!!!

EASY NFL trivia question?

the saints will win the saints defense is a little better at db id say but the colts can put pressure with Dwight Freeney wil provide pressure, but Drew Brees will pull it off and i think they have quality backs with Bush and McAllister, so the saints can pound it in. Saints 42-39

Jets fans??


Who else enjoyed Peyton Manning's preformance on Saturday Night Live?

The Colts look as though they're going to crumble.

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