A few questions about speed of football?

first of all, i dont understand, michael vick didnt even rush that much in high school, how is he become that fast in college and pro football. and most important of all, what determines the speed of a football player, cause the football player that ran the fastest in 40 yard dash arent the best receivers/running back in NFL.


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Just becuase he didn't run the ball much in HS doesn't mean he didn't have speed then. There is an old saying "you can't teach speed, you're born with it". The 40 time would be the best determining factor in terms of speed. Just because the fastest people on the field arn't recievers doesn't say much. I'm sure a coach would love to have his fastest player have the skill it requires to be a wide out.

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Coaches only care about the 40 these days. So i'd say thats what determines the speed of a football player

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It takes more then speed to be a great receiver.

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There is a difference in being fast in shorts ad a T-shirt and being fast with pads and a guy hitting you with the first five yards. Then one has to catch the ball no matter the speed of the WR.

40 yard dash times are pretty useless. Do you know what the difference between 4.29 and 4.31 is? Less than a yard.

Besides 0.02 seconds might be because the timer was off, or the relative humidity was 0.04 higher or something.

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Football has to be a combination of many things. Speed has to be there, but you can't measure heart and determination. As far as Vick improving his speed, it was just his system in H.S. and the fact that his understanding of the game has improved over the years.

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About Michael Vick, high school players upon transition to high school work out and train extremely hard, even more so than some pro players. So Vick probably just improved athletically, seeing how he was so athletic its only natural for him to rush more. The speed of a football player is determined by, of course 40 time, and quickness. Just because a player is fast in the 40 doesn't mean that they are the best. Speed is only one part of a good player. Overall athleticism, agility, aggressiveness and agility are what make good players... Hope I helped

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I agree with William. Vick is very fast, smart and agile. And putting on pads makes a huge difference. Plus its much harder to run fast in a game situation when you know there are 11 guys on the field looking to injure you. The 40's dont really mean too much

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coaches that get what they need out of players will tell you speed isn't everything. it's part of the equation but it isn't every thing. the most important field speed is that which A) separates you from a DB, B) cover speed that allows you to catch up to a Wr or, C) breakaway speed. you can run a 4.5 and accomplish all those things...the one catch to it is you have to be quick enough and smart enough to know how to get away.

on Vick, high school coaches prolly didn't rush him hard. if i knew he was fast and i didn't have rushers, i wouldn't rush. college and pro coaches and players figure they're fast enough to catch him, so he runs away from the rush a bunch. his line doesn't play that consistently and his coaches call designed runs for him in college.

i only say this on Vick cause i had the experience of playing against Vincent Young in HS. we tried both ways of containment. blitzing work some. a regular rush did some too. but sometimes you'll risk it and lose

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Vick was pretty quick in high school (he just didn't rush that much and wasn't that popular then). He developed more skills and got faster in college because the level of intensity is more extreme... college players train harder/are coached harder... that carries onto the NFL (much harder at the pro level).
The 40 determines the players speed when running in a straight line with no pads on. However, in the real game, players wear pads (adds weight), they run routes (not like a 40-not just straight), and it's difficult running full speed at the same time you're concentrating on catching a ball and/or trying to beat a defender.
A 40 can determine someone's overall quickness at that distance in a straight line, but not overall speed in a game... and it doesn't determine whether or not a player is any good at playing football...

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Speed has multiple factors when you time 40s you have some guys that fly by you and everyone says wow he is fast but his 40 time was 4.8 and when you look at the tape you can see he has a great top speed but he didnt explode off the start meaning no quickness. Then you have a guy that finishes and everyone guesses he did a 4.7 or so but he ran a 4.4 but when you look at his tape he has a great explosivness off the line (barry Sanders type) but was at his top speed at the 20 where the other guy was still not at his top speed at the 40. we also have players that are lets say a Linebacker thats 38 yrs old but during tryouts he is not the strongest or the fastest but come game time he is the first to the ball and making the tackles. The way you explain it is his knowlegde of football lets him read the play quicker than the next younger guy slowing down the game speed for him making him just as good as the next faster but not as smart player.

So speed, coachability not just listening but doing it anyone can sit and listen but can you grasp the concept, and football knowledge are very important factors in scouting. Thats why they do the combines for there athletic abilities, then the NFL gives them the wonderlick test which checks for trainability intelligence, and then its up to the coaches to give them there football knowledge.

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How is Michael Vick a fast running quarterback? Well, some football players are just very athletic like that. Michael Vick has always been a very quick and speedy football player. Now, does an athlete's 40 yard dash time mean that they will be just as fast on the football field? No, because you have to take into consideration the speed of the game and how the athlete performs while playing in football gear. There's been many athlete's that ran a very fast 40 yard dash time, but aren't as fast when football pads and the speed of the game catches up to them. There's always exceptions to the rule, look at Jerry Rice. He was not known for his 40 yard dash time, but he had what they called game speed. In other words, when it was time to put on the football pads and play the game. Jerry Rice not only played his position well, he became the best ever wide receiver in NFL history. So, don't get to caught up with 40 yard dash time, it's how they play the game and their overall agility.

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Running backs need to be strong and durable more than fast... If they can run a 4.5 they are fine

But if they can run a 4.4 then they can become home run threats


Receivers need to catch the ball before anything...

This is why you see most cornerbacks being fast (in the 4.3-4.5 range) because they were WRs who could just not catch


Also it's a lot different when you are running in shorts and a shirt compared to a helmet, shoulder pads and pants

If you are stronger it's easy to carry that stuff without sacrificing speed

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