2008 Fiesta Bowl?

Does anyone have any predictions for the 2008 Fiesta Bowl, who will be in it and who will win?


Anybody think that this years madden cover boy will break the "curse"?!?

Nebraska vs. South Carolina. Nebraska will win 31-26.

How would you know how good of a football player you are to be scouted by the NFL?

Its way too earlt. training camp and not all high scholl players commit. ask that question around december, then you will see the upsets and the surpirse, and the records.

Trying to get into Football...not sure of the rules?

I dont know. Im going with my team, the Ohio State Buckeyes against my other team, the Florida State Seminoles.

Ohio State wins 35-14

When,, what channel, and what time is the NFl draft?

i say USC and Michigan rematch of the 2007 rose bowl, USC wins

In Madden NFL 2007, the awareness ratings on my entire 6-4 team is dropping. Anyway to stem this tide?

The #1 rated and undefeated Florida Gators against the controversial #2 team Ohio State (11-1) in rematch. Many feel OSU doesn't deserve to be there because the #3 team Michigan (11-1) has a slightly better computer ranking, but the coaches poll favored OSU. However, since OSU beats the undefeated Wolverines on the last day of the season, they get the nod. Wisconsin (11-1) will feel left out because they lost to Michigan but beat Ohio State, yet are ranked lower. But then the #4 team will be mid major Boise State that is undeafeated and will shafted because they are ranked lower because of the "weaker schedule".

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