"Did any of you see Indianapolis Colts Payton Manning on Saturday Night Live"? 'He was a Hoot"!:)

Question:"How Payton introduced his mother was hysterical"!:)



Who do you think is going to draft Brady Quinn?

that entire saturday night live was the best in a while. Payton Manning was so hilarious. The United Way skit had me rolling on the floor and so did the March Madness one. He was excellent in front of the camera. The Maraka skit was hilarious too. I have watched all three of those skits on YouTube a couple times they were so funny

What is a Peyton Manning rookie card ,playoff edition, worth? class of 1998?

Peyton did fantastic! I haven't watched SNL in a good few years because the quality of the show just kind of tanked, but I had to watch it with Peyton hosting! He did absolutely fantastic.

Remember: spend time with your kids, so that Peyton Manning doesn't! ;-)

Who is the most under rated WR in the NFL?

I'am not a huge SNL fan, but Peyton was pretty funny. The guy can boogie and the United Way commerical was too funny, I was hoping he was gonna take a dig at Eli at the start of the show!

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