Will the Michigan Wolverines finish in he top 10 and will they beat Ohio State?

i think they will win the national title this year


How many draft picks do the Dallas Cowboys have in this years draft and what round are they in?

Yes they will why do u say well that because of Chad Henne and Mike Hart Michigan Nat'l Champs including a buckeye *** kicking

Who here can not wait to get their filthy paws on madden 2008? & explain why & what makes your paws filthy!!..

i think they'll do both, but not the national title. Badgers will take them down.

Who are the dallas cowboys going to select in the 07 nfl draft?

Them and USC should be #1 and #2 if all goes to plan.

Michigan has to stop the madness against Ohio St. this year in the big house.

Hawks will be 11-5?

Im a die hard Buckeye fan, and even though I hate UM, the City of Ann Arbor, and anyone that associates with that School or that team, I still think they will finish top 10, and even beat Ohio State. They play in Ann Arbor, and Ohio State is going to be a very new team, and lost all of our big offensive playmakers.

They will probably not even make the National Championship, and if they did, theyd get murdered by USC, because Michigan is overrated. Way overrated.

Why are people getting so worked up over what Portis said?

I say yes to both. Biggest problem will be to beat Wisconsin, IMHO

Where can you get a prescription football oakley visor?

i would love to see a rematch between USC and michigan for the natty this year.

but i think USC will be even stronger this year, making it tough for michigan to beat them if it comes down to USC vs michigan.

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