ADALIUS THOMAS replacement?

who did the ravens pick to replace Adalius Thomase


I was wondering where i might be able to get some cheers and chants for a small-fry football team?

They will draft someone.

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Jarett Johnson has been tabbed by the Ravens to replace Thomas at linebacker. Many pundits still expect the Ravens to be active at the draft to find Thomas' eventual replacement, but picking #29 overall it will be difficult to find a player of that calibre to step in and play right away.

If you're a Ravens fan, you should accept that there will not be a replacement for Adalius Thomas in 2007 -- he's just too good a player.

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right now jarett johnson but the will most likely draft someone to try and replace him.

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I cannot believe that they got rid of Adalius Thomas. Also they got rid of Jamal Lewis which ticks me off but that is not what your asking. There will be no replacement that will be able to fill his shoes. He is a pro bowler and a possible hall of famer and they got rid of him. Unbelievable.

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