How to be a good Lineman?

I played football last year for my school as a lineman. I wasn't as great as the other guys because I lacked experience. I mostly want to be a defensive lineman but being a good offensive lineman would be great too. Is there any tips for becoming a good lineman? Also any good workouts or exercises I can do to get better.


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you want to make sure that you are keeping your shoulders square to whoever you're blocking. If it a run play, put weight on your hand, if it's a pass, take some weight off. Keep your feet slightly more than shoulder length apart. If they're too wide or too close, your going to get knocked over. On D line, be physical and READ THE PLAY. you can always read the O lineman. if he blocks left, the plays going right, if he falls back, its a pass. When you hit somebody off the line, you want to be sure that you get your face under their chin and your hands on their pecs. Know every play and make sure that you know what the guy next to you is doing to. talk with the other linemen, it doesn't matter if the D line hears you. Say who you have. The Defensive line stance is more like a sprinter with a lot more weight on you hand. Be aggressive, be smart, work on squats and bench, and be quick off the line.

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just be fast and smart size doesn't hurt but fast and smart will always win over size and strenght sometimes just be in the right place and get in the way of the defender and the ball carrier u don't have to knock someone down on every play just get on a body and stay with him until the play is over or ur too far away from the play but just move fast move downfield know where ur runner is and make a lane for him some of my best blocks i barely put a hand on the guy but i made it impossible for him to get to my running back

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Work on your footwork and technique. On your own you can do stance and starts, making sure that you can step quickly and in the correct manner for many types of blocks. While strength is always an issue for linemen, the battle is often won by the player who is quickest and has the best leverage and position. Repetition can help improve all of these skills.

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join the wrestling team, or take classes. u wanna be a lineman...its all about leverage and using other peoples force against them.

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Maybe the most important part is the footwork.. You have to have agile and quick feet to be able to front the quickest Ends. A good way to have a good footwork is to play soccer. I'm not saying to play in a team, in a league... just buy a soccer ball and try to make some touches. Don't mind if you're not Pele... ;)

For me, the second most important thing is to be able to step out of the stance quickly. Work on it. You need a friend working as a quarterback making snaps and you reacting to it.

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