Anyone else getting excited about Alabama Football?

Question:I can't wait until A-Day and will be down in Tuscaloosa to see Saban and our team playing themselves. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress thats been made and for the first game of the season!

Also - no more Kenneth Darby running up the middle or "Jumbo Packages"!!!! Yay!!


Whos your favorite sports team?

Roll Tide! I'll be there April 21st. Maybe we will finally have an O-line that is not a joke. Optimistically I see a 10 win season less than 8 will be a dissapointment. There is a lot of raw talent on this team.

How tall is the current tallest player in the NFL and what team does he play for?

Nope, go Notre Dame!

Who is the All Time leader in tackles for the NFL?

Unless they produce yet another Remember the Titans, no.

What is the cheapest listed price to a Philadelphia Eagles game?

I am sure the die hard Tide fans do!

NFL expansion: city besides LA?

no , the tigers will be on top for the entire year.

Arkansas Razorback Football?

I pumped up to see look on all your white trash faces when FSU whoops your ***

What ever happened to old Tim Couch?


Is michael vick going to stay a QB or do you think he will end up as a WR or RB?

You won't be excited when LSU goes into Tuscaloosa and destroys the Tide and their coward azz, lying sack of sh!t coach. I know 22 guys that are VERY excited about Alabama football, they are the 2007 starters for the LSU TIGERS.

"Cincinnati Bengals" big lost or minor lost, losing DB Kevin Kaeshivarn?

I can't wait! Now that Auburn got one for the thumb last year, I can't wait until the Tigers beat them in Jordan-Hare. War Eagle!

P.S. The Bear is dead.

Does anyone else want to start up a website called "Michigan fans who love them Gators!"?


Why?i cant open da hek happen,,,can u help with dis.?

I used to be a Bama fan but when Prothro went down with that injury against Florida, the team has never really been the same. I think Nick Saban will eventually turn things around but it will take time.

Would you let your 5 year old son play football?

I didn't know they played football in Alabama anymore! I thought everyone there was trying out for American Idol. Good Luck to the Tide. I think Saban has a hard road ahead of him.

What does your mock draft look like for the first round?

If you switch to Conference USA or the Big east, get excited. Otherwise you're gonna have a year just like the last one

What do you think of NCAA football season this year. Who is gonna dominate and who is gonna get knocked off??

I am! I'm excited to see how long Saban stays before he pulls a...well "Saban" on Alabama.

Males would you feel comfortable as an athlete if female reporters came to your locker room to interview you?

There's no reason for anyone but the U.S.C. Trojans to be excited.. I'm looking forward to feasting on Gator fillets in January. Troy is also looking forward to re-establishing itself as the best pro football team outside the NFL!!!
(did I really say that? No--I heard some U of M players saying it!) ;)

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